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Snake Bites in Movies

This is an alphabetical list of movies in which a snake bites somebody, taken from the main Snakes in Movies List.
Giant monster snakes do a lot of biting when they kill, but this list is mostly concerned with normal snakes.
Unlike real snakes, many movie snakes strike and bite constantly, with the ability to strike the length of their body, sometimes flying through the air to strike.
Most snakes in the movies have a venomous bite that kills people instantly, so most of these end up as a death by snake bite, but not all.

You can see more pictures and read a description of the snake scenes by following the title link.

Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching a film.

Shortcut to Movie Title

The Air I Breathe (2007)  

A scientist milking a venomous snake is bitten by the snake.
The Air I Breathe
Alien from the Deep [Alien Degli Abissi] (1989)

Armed men are lured into a cave full of venomous cobras, where the snakes quickly bite them and kill them all.

Alien from the Deep Screenshot
Apocalypto (2006) 

A venomous snake bites a warrior on the neck. Knowing he will not survive the bite, his companions leave him to kill himself.
April Fool's Day (1986)

A man is caught in a noose by his soon-to-be murderer and suspended upside down over a snake which strikes at him repeatedly.
April Fool's Day
Babylon (2022)

A drugged-out actress goads her drunken father into fighting a snake. When he passes out, she decides to fight the snake herself, only to get bitten on the neck.
Babylon Screenshot
Band of the Hand (1986) 

A juvenile criminal in the Everglades falls next to a rattlesnake which bites him on the hand. An older guy grabs the snake and cuts its head off.
Band of the Hand
Big Freakin' Snake (2023)

Pollution causes some snakes to mutate into giants and others to agressively attack people.

The Big Gundown (1966)  

A snake crawls between a captive outlaw and the lawman who tied him up. The outlaw tricks the lawman into thinking he was bitten by a snake by pricking him with a sharp object he holds between his toes.
The Big Gundown
Billy Jack (1971)  

As Billy Jack performs a snake ceremony, dancing around in a circle with a rattlesnake, the snake bites him repeatedly.
Billy Jack
Black Samurai (1977)

A mobster cult leader called The Warlock throws people into a jail cell full of killer snakes to get rid of them.
Black Samurai
The Blood of Fu Manchu (1968)

Fu Manchu makes an army of beautiful female assassins by forcing them to be bitten by venomous snakes. The snake bite gives them the power to kill a man with a kiss.
The Blood of Fu Manchu
Bone Dry (2007) 

A man being tortured in the desert searches a truck only to get bitten by a rattlesnake under the seat.
Bone Dry
Bruka Queen of Evil (1973)

An evil old snake woman and her young Medusa-haired ancestor use snakes to kill people. We see some snakes biting the legs of young girls set out for a full-moon sacrifice. Manda also uses the snakes on her Medusa-head to bite and kill men who try to molest her.
Bruka Queen of Evil
Bullet Train (2022)

A venomous Boomslang escapes onto a bullet train where it bites someone on the hand but fortunately he had already been injected with the antivenin, so he survives without issue.
Calamity of Snakes (1982)

A sleazy land developer kills thousands of snakes, then thousands more snakes form an army to get revenge by killing his workers and his tenants. We see thousands of snakes, many of them biting, and we also see a snake-fighting master biting snakes.
Calamity of Snakes Screenshot

Calamity of Snakes Screenshot

Calamity of Snakes Screenshot
The Campaign (2012)  

In order to win the support of a snake-handling church a politician handles some snakes, but he gets bitten on the arm by a rattlesnake. We see him later with an enormous swollen arm.
the campaign
the campaign
The Canyon (2009) 

A wilderness guide is bitten by two rattlesnakes and dies, leaving his clients to survive in the Grand Canyon alone without food or water, chased by hungry wolves.
The Canyon
Chato's Land (1972)   

Charles Bronson hurls a rattlesnake off a hill onto a bad guy. The snake bites him. End of bad guy.
Chato's Land
Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures (Cinema, Aspirinas e Urubus) (2005) 

A man is bitten by a venomous snake he didn't see and is nursed back to health.
Cinema Aspirin Vultures
City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold (1994)  

A man sits on cactus spines then sees a rattlesnake nearby and thinks the snake bit him.
City Slickers 2
Cleopatra (1934)

Cleopatra commits suicide by holding a venomous asp to her breast.
Cleopatra 1934
Cleopatra (1963)  

Cleopatra commits suicide by putting her hand in a basket that holds a venomous asp.
Cleopatra 1999
Cleopatra (1999)

Cleopatra commits suicide by holding a venomous asp to her breast.
Cleopatra 1999
Copperhead (1983)  

A paranoid murderer and his family hiding out in the Ozark woods are overrun by a swarm of deadly Copperheads.
Cowboy (1958)  

Cowboys play catch with a rattlesnake until the snake bites a cowboy on the neck and he dies.
Creeping Death (Kill the Poker Player) (1972)

A zoologist collects venomous snakes to use their venom for medicine, and someone is stealing them and using them to kill people. We see five people die from snake bite.
The Curse II: The Bite (1989)  

A bite from a mutant snake turns a man's arm into a snake.
The Bite
Da 5 Bloods (2020)

A snake drops out of some bamboo in a Vietnamese jungle onto a returning war veteran and bites him on the arm. He struggles to pull the snake off, then shoots it into several pieces. We see two large bite wounds on his arm, then he sucks out the poison and spits, several times.
Da 5 Bloods Screenshot
Dante's Inferno [L'inferno] (1911)

In Dante's version of Hell, thieves are punished in a giant pit full of nasty, biting snakes.
Dark Tide (1994) 

A woman releases a bunch of captive sea snakes into a tub and later pushes a man into the tub where he is bitten multiple times before he dies. Earlier her boyfriend was bitten by a sea snake, too.
Dark Tide
Day of the Animals (1977)

Because the ozone layer has been depleted, animals at high elevations have become bloodthirsty killers, including the snakes. A man doesn't realize a car is full of rattlesnakes when he puts his arm inside it and two of them bite his arm.
Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze (1975)

Kulkan, the medicine man of the Quetzamals, a supposedly-extinct tribe that lives in a hidden valley in South America, kills people with "The Green Death" - deadly magic green snakes that can crawl through the air to strike at their victims, killing them quickly. The magic snakes are made from the venom of live green snakes.
Doc Savage Screenshot
Double Exposure (1982)

A psycho-killer photographer puts a rattlesnake in a trash bag and ties it to a woman's head until she is bitten and dies.
Double Exposure Screenshot
Dr. Phibes Rises Again (1972)

A bunch of snakes with mechanical noisemakers on them are put in a room with a man to kill him. One of the snakes bites him on the arm and he cuts and sucks the wound.
Dr. Phibes Rises Again Screenshot
Eva Nera (Black Cobra) (1976) 

Eva dances with snakes, eats them, and kills people with them.
Eva Nera
Fair Game (1988) (Mamba)

A woman is trapped in a house with a Black Mamba by her evil ex-boyfriend but he's the one who gets bit.
Fair Game
Father Goose (1964)

A woman is stuck by two thorns and thinks she was bitten by a snake. A man gives her whisky for the bite and when she passes out drunk he thinks she is dead.

Father Goose
Flypaper (1997)

A couple drinks antivenom then get romantic in a dry swimming pool of rattlesnakes that keep biting them.
Four Faces West (1948)

A fugitive is bitten by a rattlesnake then treats the wound with the cut and suck method. He hops a train where he meets a pretty nurse who tends his wound and steals his heart.
Four Faces West Screenshot
Frogs (1972)  

Snakes and other animals strike back at humans for polluting the world. A woman dies seconds after a bite from a rattlesnake.
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)

A soldier survives the bite of a king cobra to demonstrate that he has been made invincible.
GI Joe
Gold of the Amazon Women (1979)

The worst fake rubber snake ever put on film jumps out of a suitcase in a murder attempt, and a second one kills a jungle guide.
Guncrazy (1992)

A preacher keeps a pet rattlesnake named Pee Wee who he claims has lost her natural desire to do anyone any harm. Later Pee Wee bites him on the face.
Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

A madman tries to kill millions of children by filling their halloween masks with killer bugs and snakes, including a rattlesnake that also bites and kills a child's father.
Halloween III Screenshot
Hard Target (1993)  

Jean-Claude Van Damme punches a rattlesnake in the face then makes a trap with it to kill one of his pursuers.
Hard Target
Hard Ticket To Hawaii (1987)  

A mutant killer snake shoots out of a toilet then bites a guy on the face untill he drops dead.
Hard Ticket To Hawaii
Hell's Belles (1969) 

Two fighting bikers fall into a mine full of rattlesnakes. Only one walks out.
Hell's Belles
Hideout in the Sun (1960)

A bank robber running from the police tries to hide in the Miami Serpentarium, which is full of snakes, including a deadly cobra that bites him and kills him.
The Hills Have Eyes (1977) 

A girl picks up a rattlesnake and makes it bite a man who is trying to kill another man.
The Hills Have Eyes
Holes (2003)  

A boy makes a rattlesnake bite him to get out of a prison camp in the desert where he digs holes all day.
Horns (2013) 

A man accused of murdering his girlfriend, grows devil horns and finds snakes around him that he can use as weapons.
I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore (2017)

A woman pursued by a man with a gun falls into a forest pond, then a venomous snake swims past her. She knocks the man into the water and the snake bites him on the face.
I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore
I Dreamed of Africa (2000) 

A boy has many encounters with snakes after moving to Africa, puts together a collection of snakes and becomes an amateur herpetologist, but dies of snakebite.
I Dreamed of Africa
Identity Thief (2013) 

A snake crawls up a man's pants, he tosses it into a tree, then it drops onto his shoulders and bites him on the face.
Identity Thief
Immaculate Conception (1992)

A British man pretends to be snake-bitten to get close to a Pakistani woman. This works!
Immaculate Conception Snakes
Inferno (2016)

Tom Hanks hallucinates that a cobra crawls out of his friend's coat and kills him with a bite on the neck.
The Inhuman Woman (L'inhumaine) (1924) -

A jealous man puts a venomous snake in a flower arrangement to kill a woman who rejected him. The snake bites her on the wrist.
Jackass Forever (2022)

A Texas Rat Snake bites a mime on his face as part of a contest in this gross-out comedy.
Snake Screenshot
Joshua (aka Black Rider) (1976) 

A man drops a rattlesnake over a cliff onto another man who gets snakebit and dies.
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

A video game character intentionally provokes a venomous snake to bite and kill her as a winning game strategy.

Jungle Cruise (2021)

An ancient Spanish explorer is bitten by a venomous snake then cursed to be made out of snakes.
He uses the snakes to strike out from his body and bite his opponents.

Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016)

Two men eat at a snake restaurant. One gets bitten by his lunch.
keeping up with the joneses
Kicks (1985)

A woman and a man play a game of thrills where they try to grab coins out of a basket with a Cobra in it without letting the snake bite them. But the snake finally bites the man.
Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004)

Elle Driver hides a black mamba inside a suitcase full of cash so that when Budd starts counting the money, the snake is uncovered and quickly bites him in the face and kills him.
Kill Bill
The Killer Snakes (She sha shou) (1975) 

A bullied man learns he can use his pet snakes to get revenge.
The Killer Snakes
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)

Arthur's magician, The Mage, conjures up a venomous snake to bite him on the neck so its venom will bring him visions and protect him.

King Arthur

The Kings of Summer (2013)

Three teenage boys run away and live in a shack in the woods that a snake enters and eventually bites one of them.

The Kings of Summer
Kung Fu Hustle (2004)  

An incompetent assassin accidently dumps a cage full of snakes onto his partner who is bitten on the mouth by two cobras.
Kung Fu Hustle
Land of the Pharaohs (1955)

The second wife of a Pharaoh instructs her men to kill his first wife, the queen, with a cobra released in her room next to her son who she has given a flute and taught him to play a tune that will attract the cobra to him. This ridiculous plot works when the queen grabs the snake and falls on it to save her son.
Land Of The Pharaohs Screenshot
Last of the Clintons (1935)

A man puts a rattlesnake in a cabin to kill a man, but it kills a different man instead.
Last of the Clintons
The Last Wagon (1956) 

A young woman hunting for edible plants puts her hand in the wrong place and gets bitten by a rattlesnake.
The Last Wagon
Life After Beth (2014) 

A woman who died from a snake bite rises from her grave but doesn't remember what happened.
3 Idiots
Live and Let Die (1973)  

A criminal gang uses Voodoo cult assassins to kill people with snakes.
Live and Let Die
Lonesome Dove (1989)  

Rattlesnakes are food for pigs and cowboys. A nest of killer water moccasins create havoc in a river.
Lonesome Dove
Love at First Kill (aka The Box Collector) (2008)

A biker collects rattlesnakes and young girls but his wife and a snake kill him in the end.
Love at First Kill
Lure of the Wilderness (1952) 

Walter Brennan gets bitten on the face by a Cottonmouth at the local water hole, but miraculously recovers.
Lure of the Wilderness
Lust For Gold (1949) 

A man is bitten on the neck by a rattlesnake which makes him fall off a cliff.
Lust For Gold
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981)  

A helicopter pilot uses a venomous snake to guard his small helicopter. We see a man dead on the ground, who tried to take the helicopter but was bitten by the snake. Then later, the helicopter pilot flies above Max and drops a venomous snake on a man who is about to kill Max. The snake lands on his shoulders and bites him on the face.
Mad Max 2
Mad Max 2
The Magician (1926)

A horned viper in a snake charmer's tent at a Paris fair is used for a magic trick by a magician but then it bites one of the entertainers on the foot.
The Magician
The Manchurian Candidate (1962) 

A man bitten by a snake meets the love of his life when she stops to help him.
The Manchurian Candidate
Marketa Lazarova (1967)   

 A man lying in a field with his girl is bitten by the proverbial snake in the grass.
Marketa Lazarova
The Mask of Fu Manchu (1932)

Diabolical Dr. Fu Manchu makes a mind-control serum of sacred herbs and reptiles, including a Burmese Python. His underground passages are crawling with snakes.
The Mask of Fu Manchu
Medusa (2020)

A trailer park drug-addict prostitute is bitten by a snake that turns her into the snake woman Medusa.
Meltdown (Shu dan long wei) (1995) 

A terrorist throws dozens of deadly snakes at a woman to force her to do what he wants. She is bitten by a snake and the wound is "cut and sucked" and later she gets a shot of "antidote."
The Mighty Quinn (1989) 

Snakes from the local witch's collection are used to kill people.
The Mighty Quinn
Mud (2013)  

A bunch of water moccasins hang around together in a ditch waiting to bite anybody who falls in. Are we really supposed to believe this nonsense?
The Naked and the Dead (1958)

A WWII soldier on a Pacific island is bitten by a venomous snake, foams at the mouth, and is dead in a couple of minutes.
The Naked and the Dead
Natural Born Killers (1994)  

Mass murderers Mickey and Mallory are both bitten by rattlesnakes after they kill a Navajo man.
Natural Born Killers
Natural Born Killers
Nevada Smith (1966) 

A woman falls out of a canoe onto a Cottonmouth which bites her to conveniently remove her from the plot.
Nevada Smith
Night of the Cobra Woman (1972)  

A woman, bitten by a unique species of cobra, ingests the cobra's venom to stay eternally young. The snake also bites and kills several people.
Night of the Cobra Woman
Nowhere Land (2000)

A hiker distracts a rattlesnake from biting a woman by getting it to bite his boot.

A fleeing man's foot gets stuck between some rocks, trapping him next to several coiled rattlesnakes. When he finally moves, he is bitten and dies.
Nowhere Land
Once Upon a Time in America (Extended Director's Cut) (1984)

Shakespeare's Cleopatra commits suicide by snakebite.
Only the Brave (2017)

A widlfire firefighter is bitten by a rattlesnake and is rushed to the hospital for treatment in a very realistic depiction of the treatment of a venomous snake bite.
Only The Brave Screenshot

Only The Brave Screenshot
The Package (2018)

A rattlesnake bites a severed penis stored in a plastic bag that fell out of a cooler. I did not make that up.
The Package Screenshot
Pericolo negli abissi (1977) 

Two women snorkeling in the ocean are bitten by a venomous sea snake and killed.
Pericolo negli abissi
Phobia (1980) 

A man being treated for his fear of snakes by being forced to touch them is murdered by rattlesnake bite.
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)

An evil assasin can control snakes to use them as weapons and to attack people, but one of them us used against him.
Prince of Persia
Rattlesnake (2019)

Rattlesnakes that are "tools of the devil" appear and bite people.
The Rattlesnake (1913)

As two men fight over a woman, one is accidentally killed by a rattlesnake. The surviving man catches the snake and keeps it at his home. After the woman he loves marries another man, the man puts the rattlesnake in her husband's bed to try to kill him.

The River (1951) 

A young English boy plays a flute to bring a cobra out of hiding. That was the last thing he ever did.
The River
River's End (2005)

A boy puts a rattlesnake in a bag to strike at the man who opens it. It does. He dies.
River's End Screenshot
Road Trip (2000)

A college student tries to feed a mouse to a Burmese Python, but the snake refuses to eat. He forgets that he's still holding the mouse and leans over the snake which swallows the mouse and his hand, causing him to freak out and swing the snake around the room, eventually dislodging the snake and throwing it teeth first into the throat of another student.
Road Trip
RRR (2022)

A captive man catches a snake then throws it at his torturer who is bitten on the arm. His friend finds him dying in the street and makes a snakebite cure to save him.
RRR Screenshot
Serena (2014) 

The boss's new wife proves her worth by importing a trained eagle to catch rattlesnakes that are biting men at his logging site.
The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988) 

A snake shoots out of the mouth of a Haitian zombie corpse bride and bites the face of an American scientist.
3 Idiots
The Serpent Warriors (1985) 

A snake cult curse causes thousands of deadly snakes to attack a man who killed their cult leader, along with everyone around him.
The Serpent Warriors
Shadow of the Hawk (1976) 

The ghost of a Native American shaman dances around with a deadly snake then uses her magic to send it to another shaman to bite him.
Shadow of the Hawk
Shotgun Stories (2007)

A man uses a Cottonmouth to kill a dog that belongs to his half brother, and doing so, escalates a family feud to violence and bloodshed.
Shotgun Stories
Siddhartha (1972)   

Even Herman Hesse, a nobel prize winning author, was not above using the old snakebite trick to get rid of a character who was no longer needed.
Silent Predators (1999) 

Mutant rattlesnakes invade a town because greedy land developers woke them up during construction.
Silent PredatorsLonesome Dove
Silent Venom aka "Sea Snakes" (2009)

A bunch of extra-deadly mutated snakes are brought onto a submarine.
Silent Venom
Sisters of Death (1976)

A psycho locks a woman inside a basement room with a rattlesnake to kill her, and his crazy plan actually works. The snake bites her on the leg, but we don't see it happen, we only see her pained face and hear her scream.

Snake Girl (Kazuo Umezu's Horror Theater: The Harlequin Girl) (2005)

A Japanese schoolgirl is bitten by a snake woman and begins to turn into a snake woman herself.
Snake Girl
The Snake Girl (1974) 

An evil woman throws her adopted sister into a snake pit to die but she mates with a snake and Snake Girl is born.
The Snake Girl
Snake Island (2002) 

A group of tourists in Africa are stranded on Snake Island, which, Spoiler Alert!, is full of snakes, and they bite!
Snake Island
Snakeman (The Snake King) (2005)  

A man almost steps on an Anaconda in the Amazon jungle, so the snake bites him.
Snakes (aka Fangs) (1974)  

An old snake collector kills off his enemies with venomous snakes.
Snakes on a Plane (2006) 

A bunch of deadly snakes get loose on a plane.
Snakes on a Plane
The Snake Woman (1961)  

A herpetologist injects his pregnant wife with medicine made of snake venom. Her daughter is born an unblinking, cold-blooded snake woman who runs away to live in the wild where she changes between a woman and a venomous cobra, terrorizing an English village. The men of the village smash the herpetologists snake cages and burn down his house to kill his snakes, because they're afraid of them. When the herpetologist's friend finds the laboratory burning, one of the snakes bites him and kills him.
The Snake Woman
The Speckled Band (1931) 

Sherlock Holmes solves a mystery involving a venomous snake that bites and kills a woman then bites its owner.
The Speckled Band
Stanley (1972)  

Tim lives in a shack in the everglades with his pet rattlesnake Stanley who kills people on his command.
Strange Cargo (1940) 

An escaped convict traveling through a jungle falls down in a swamp and is bitten on the leg by a venomous snake swimming in the water.
Strange Cargo
Superman II (1980) 

A villianous superwoman from Krypton lands on earth, picks up a snake and it bites her on the hand. She doesn't like that so she shoots laser beams out of her eyes and burns it to death.
Superman II
Swamp Thing (1982)

A hired thug pulls a venomous snake out of his pants pocket and uses it to kill a man.
Swamp Water (1941)

A fugitive in the Okeefenokee Swamp bends down to wash his face and ends up with a pair of venomous Cottonmouth fangs in his cheek.
Swamp Water
Synchronic (2019)

A woman in the city takes a drug that takes her into a swamp in the past where a rattlesnake crawls up and bites her on the leg.
Synchronic Screenshot
Tarzan the Ape Man (1981)

Jane is attacked by a giant snake, Tarzan saves her, but the snake bites him on the neck.

Tarzan the Ape Man Screenshot
The Thief of Bagdad (1924) 

A snake kept in an orb on top of a scepter is used as a murder weapon.
Thief of Baghdad
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (2005)

A man climbs into a hole in a rock to rest, but a rattlesnake inside bites him.
3 burials of me
Them That Follow (2019)

Members of a snake-handling church test their faith by handling venomous snakes. One member gets bitten and has his arm cut off with a reciprocating saw because he's not allowed to see a doctor.
Them That Follow
There Was a Crooked Man... (1970)

An outlaw hides stolen money in a den of rattlesnakes to keep it safe, but makes a big mistake when retrieving the money.
There Was a Crooked Man...
True Grit (1969) 

A girl falls into an abandoned mine full of rattlesnakes and gets bitten.
True Grit
True Grit (2010) 

A girl falls into an abandoned mine full of rattlesnakes and gets bitten.
True Grit
The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll (1960)

An exotic nightclub entertainer dances with a boa constrictor. The same snake is used to bite and kill a man.
The 2 Faces of Dr. Jekyll

Tyranno's Claw (Tirannoui baltob) (1994)

A caveman finds a nest full of eggs in a tree. When he starts eating them a snake climbs down and kills him.

Snake Screenshot
Uncommon Valor (1983)

A Viet Nam war veteran crawling through a drainage pipe in Laos s bitten on the hand by a python, so he cuts its head off with a knife.
Uncommon Valor Screenshot
Unearthed (2007)

A man tricks a woman into getting bitten by a rattlesnake.
The Veil Episode 4: Food on the Table(1958)

Hundreds of venomous snakes crawl aboard a ship, killing some sailors. The captain accidentally brings one of the snakes back in his suitcase that bites his wife.

The Veil Screenshot
Venom (1981) 

A family and their kidnappers are trapped inside a house with a deadly Black Mamba that bites a woman on her face.
Vipers (2008) 

There are lots and lots of snake bites in this movie about genetically-enhanced vipers that invade a remote island town and kill and eat everybody they can find. These monster snakes bite, and then they chew.

Voyager (Homo Faber) (1991) 

A snake crawls onto a sleeping woman and bites her, proving that all movie snakes want to do is kill people.
Welcome to the Jungle (2013)

A woman on a team-building retreat on a tropical island is bitten on the leg by a snake which leads to some unusual attempts to help her before they realize it's not a venomous snake.
We're No Angels (1955) 

Three escaped convicts carry around a pet viper that kills people.
We're No Angels
Where the River Runs Black (1986)

A priest in the Amazon jungle breaks his vows then is drowned by a large snake in a river.
Wild Cactus (1993) 

A man stranded in the desert puts a rattlesnake in a bag. He makes it back home then tells his kidnapper he can find what he wants in the bag. The kidnapper puts his hand in the bag and the snake bites him. End of kidnapper.
Wild Cactus
Wind Across the Everglades (1958)

An outlaw poacher named Cottonmouth carries a pet venomous snake in his pocket but meets his end when a wild one bites him.
Wind Across the Everglades
The Yearling (1946) 

A man doesn't watch where he puts his hand and a rattlesnake bites him so he shoots it.
The Yearling
Yellowneck (1955)

Civil War Confederate soldier deserters hike through the Florida Everglades where they encounter snakes, including a "nest" of rattlesnakes whose only purpose seems to be hanging around waiting to kill them.

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