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Silent Predators (1999)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Silent Predators Silent Predators Silent Predators
Silent PredatorsLonesome Dove Silent Predators
Lonesome Dove Silent Predators Silent Predators
"The hunt is on. You're the Prey"

I have to ask: if they're silent predators, then why are they always rattling and hissing so loudly?  This movie is so bad, it's not even so bad it's good.

In San Catalano, San Diego County, California, twenty years after a mutant tropical rattlesnake escaped and reproduced with the native rattlesnakes, all the local rattlesnakes have become evil demons with a never ending craving to sink their massive fangs into human, flesh injecting gallons of venom 50 times more toxic than it should be. These snakes just want to kill people, not for food, not in self-defense, but just because they have to do it. And 25 to 35 thousand of them are just coming out of hibernation. We can blame a bunch of greedy land developers who keep blowing up stuff so they can bulldoze more open space for waking the snakes prematurely.

Throw your brain out the window if you want to watch this one. Or better yet, throw out the DVD and watch something better, perhaps something from the Criterion Collection, maybe a black and white 1950's Danish art film. No? OK, then prepare to watch these "western diamondbacks" invade the bedroom community and bite anything that moves. We get to see the world as the snakes see it too, with the red-screen snake cam. 

Even though the snake den scenes are so atrocious you can barely see the snakes in them, you can see that all sorts of real snakes were used here, most of them harmless, but there is at least one live rattlesnake. An Australian Black-headed Python masquerades as a California Kingsnake because, for some reason, much of this movie was made in Australia.