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Eva Nera (1976)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Eva Nera Eva Nera Eva Nera
Eva Nera Eva Nera
Eva Nera Eva Nera Eva Nera
"How much snake can one woman take."      
"She's beautiful and deadly!"    
"Every new embrace brought her strange new delights."

Eva Nera has been released under a lot of names, Black Cobra Woman, Erotic Eva, Emanuelle Goes Japanese, etc. It's one of those 1970's softcore movies made by a director who made some other Emanuelle movies. True to the genre, the meager plot does not get in the way of watching beautiful naked women taking showers together, getting massages together, dancing with snakes, and getting murdered by snakes. (Makes me wonder what the horror/thriller genre would do without misogyny...)

Jack Palance is a crazy American in Hong Kong who keeps a bunch of snakes in solid glass boxes in his huge apartment. He's not much of a herpetoculturist - the terrariums have no water, no heating element, and just a slab of white styrofoam for substrate. He calls the snakes his "friends" and he likes to tap on the glass and make baby talk to them.

He's got an African viper, a green mamba (which is actually some sort of green vinesnake), pythons, ratsnakes, boa constrictors, and a pathetic crusty fake rubber snake in a tank. (Why - because they couldn't afford another live one?) Snakes are masters of escape, but these snakes are apparently too dumb to figure out how to push the flimsy plastic top off their cages to escape. We learn from Palance that mambas will kill any beautiful naked woman that they smell fear on, and that mambas can hypnotize their prey with their eyes. We see that when an African viper or a mamba bites you, you immediately foam at the mouth and drop dead in less than 10 seconds.
Eva Nera Eva Nera Eva Nera
Eva Nera Eva Nera Eva Nera
Eva dances on stage with a python wearing only a skimpy skirt. We also see her dancing completely nude with the snake in flashbacks or maybe dream sequences. Later she wants to dance with Jack Palance's pet Green Mamba (actually some kind of vine snake) but the snake has other ideas.
Eva Nera Eva Nera Eva Nera
Eva Nera Eva Nera Eva Nera
Eva and her girlfriend go to an outdoor market in Hong Kong and eat a snake for lunch. It's all real and very disturbing if you are squeamish about watching an animal get killed on film. What bothered me was not that they killed the snake, but that the snake was not killed before it was skinned - it was skinned alive! That seems cruel and unnecessary. I hope that these days the snake market food vendors kill the snakes first before skinning them, but I doubt it.
Eva Nera Eva Nera Eva Nera
It turns out that Jack Palance's sicko brother is the one who does the murdering. But no worries, the brother gets what he deservces in the end. (Literally.)

Eva takes the brother out to her native island and submits him to an ancient island custom used for dealing with liars and murderers called "putting the devil into a man." It involves "introducing" a "special breed" of non-venomous cobra into his body that will "eat its way out" because it has "an inbred desire to get free." 
Don't we all.