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Shooting Snakes in Movies

This is an alphabetical list of movies in which someone shoots a snake with a gun or other weapon, taken from the main Snakes in Movies List.

There are usually lots of people shooting snakes in the Giant Monster Snake movies.
They have their own list, so I will not necessariy include all of them on this list unless there's something about the shooting scene that I really like.

Most of these movies show tough guys shooting snakes for no good reason just so they can look like a hero.
It's a movie cliche, especially in westerns and adventure movies.

You can see more pictures and read a description of the snake scenes by following the title link.

Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching a film.

Shortcut to Movie Title

Anacondas: Trail of Blood (2009)

A gigantic lab-created monster Anaconda is cut in half and becomes two monster snakes. Both of which seem unaffected by bullets.

Anacondas: Trail of Blood Anacondas: Trail of Blood
Alien from the Deep [Alien Degli Abissi] (1989)

Armed men are lured into a cave full of venomous cobras that quickly attack them. One man shoots at the snakes with an automatic rifle just before a cobra gets him and he dies. We don't see if he actually shot any of the snakes.

Alien from the Deep Screenshot Alien from the Deep Screenshot
All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

A ranch hand shoots a snake that is swimming in a lake with a group of partying teenagers.
Mandy Lane Screenshot Mandy Lane Screenshot
The Big Gundown (1966)  

A snake crawls between a tied-up outlaw and a lawman. The outlaw tricks the lawman into thinking he was bitten by a snake by pricking him with a sharp object held between his toes. The lawman shoots it.
The Big Gundown The Big Gundown
Boa vs. Python (2004)

A giant mutant python escapes, so the F.B.I. thinks it's a good idea to use a gigantic cybernetically-enhanced Boa Constrictor to hunt the python. Everybody shoots at them, with no effect.
Boa vs. Python Boa vs. Python
Broken Lance (1954)  

Another stupid movie cowboy shoots a rattlesnake that was not a danger to anyone.
Broken Lance Broken Lance
Calamity of Snakes (1982)

A sleazy land developer kills thousands of snakes, then thousands more snakes form an army to get revenge by killing his workers and his tenants. The fire department shoots the snakes with flame-throwers to eventually defeat them.
Calamity of Snakes Screenshot Calamity of Snakes Screenshot
Catlow (1971) 

A rattlesnake scares an outlaw's horse as he rides up to it, so he shoots the rattlesnake.
Catlow Catlow
Charlie Chan at the Circus (1936)

A Cobra is dropped onto Charlie Chan's bed to kill him. His number one shon shoots it.
Charlie Chan at the Circus Charlie Chan at the Circus
Cool Hand Luke (1967)  

Luke, working on a chain gang, catches a big rattlesnake, that is immediately shot by a guard.
Cool Hand Luke Cool Hand Luke
Copperhead (1983)  

A paranoid murderer hiding out in the Ozark woods with his family sees a copperhead and shoots it. Soon their place is overrun with the snakes and it becomes a snake-shooting bloodbath. But the snakes keep on coming.
Copperhead Copperhead
Creeping Death (Kill the Poker Player) (1972)

A zoologist collects venomous snakes to use their venom for medicine, and someone is stealing them and using them to kill people. A government agent comes to town to solve the mystery and he ends up shooting two of the snakes.
Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot
Curse of the Yellow Snake (Der Fluch der gelben Schlange) (1963)

A man opens a package delivered to him to find a deadly snake, so he pulls out a gun and shoots it.
Curse of the Yellow Snake Curse of the Yellow Snake
Da 5 Bloods (2020) - A snake drops out of some bamboo in a Vietnamese jungle onto a returning war veteran and bites him on the arm. He struggles to pull the snake off, then shoots it into several pieces. We see two large bite wounds on his arm, then he sucks out the poison and spits, several times. Da 5 Bloods Screenshot Da 5 Bloods Screenshot
A Day Without A Mexican (2004)

This movie shows us that if all Mexicans in California disappeared there would be nobody to wash dishes, blow leaves, pick fruit, or shoot rattlesnakes that are threatening our children.
A Day Without A Mexican A Day Without A Mexican
The Deadly Companions (1961) 

An ex Army Colonel takes a break from dragging a coffin across the desert and finds a rattlesnake so he shoots it.
Deadly Companions Deadly Companions
Desert Gold (1936)  

A tenderfoot shoots at a gopher snake until he's taught by experienced cowboys that it's a harmless snake and not a rattlesnake. Smart cowboys, but the assumption is still that all rattlesnakes must die.
Desert Gold Desert Gold
The Devil's Brigade (1968) 

A rattlesnake is discovered and shot to death for no good reason.
The Devil's Brigade The Devil's Brigade
The Devil's Partner (1960) (Enter the Devil)

A man who sold his soul to the Devil changes himself into a rattlesnake to sneak into a house to kill the fiance of a woman he wants, but the man shoots the snake.
Devils Partner Screenshot Devils Partner Screenshot
Desert Gold (1936)

A tenderfoot shoots at a gopher snake until his partner tells him that it's harmless. Later he finds a rattlesnake. Thinking it harmless, he is about to grab it when his partner shoots it.
Desert Gold Desert Gold
Desierto (2015)

A vigilante who kills illegal immigrants, shoots a rattlesnake that crawls over his foot.
Desierto Desierto
Distant Drums (1951)

Instead of just telling a man to step forward to get out of the way of the snake, Gary Cooper shoots the snake, because Gary Cooper is always the hero.
Distant Drums Distant Drums
Enter the Devil (1972) 

Torch-carrying cult members throw people into a pit full of rattlesnakes in the desert to get rid of them. A Sheriff's deputy shoots one of the snakes.
Enter the Devil Enter the Devil
Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals (1977)

A snake drops from a tree, wraps itself around Emanuelle's neck and tries to kill her, but somebody shoots it before it can swallow her.
Screenshot Screenshot
Fools Rush In (1997)  

A group of guys go to the desert to shoot something. One of them finds some rattlesnakes so they blast them away, because that's what fools with guns do.
Fools Rush In Fools Rush In
Frogs (1972)  

A rich man who is polluting the environment, causing snakes and other animals to attack humans, finds a snake dangling from his fancy chandelier just before dinner. He pulls out a revolver and shoots it, then orders the butler to remove it.
Frogs Frogs
Giant (1956)

A cowboy shoots a rattlesnake to protect his cattle because movie cowboys are crazy like that.
Giant Giant
Hard Target (1993)  

Jean-Claude Van Damme sets up a trap to make a rattlesnake bite a man on the face. His companion finds him, yanks the snake out of his face and blows its head off.
Hard Target Hard Target
Hard Ticket To Hawaii (1987)  

A giant mutant killer snake comes shooting out of a toilet. A guy rides his motorcycle through a door, grabs some kind of grenade gun, and blasts its head off. That's action!
Hard Ticket To Hawaii Hard Ticket To Hawaii
The Harvey Girls (1946)

Someone puts a rattlesnake in the Harvey girls' closet to try to scare them into leaving town, so a man pulls out his pistol and shoots the snake.
Harvey Girls Screenshot Harvey Girls Screenshot
The Hellbenders (The Cruel Ones) (1967)

A snake spooks some horses so it gets shot to death.
The Hellbenders The Hellbenders
Invasion of the Star Creatures (1962)

A soldier marching into an atomic test site encounters a rattlesnake and shoots it, then regrets killing it.
Screenshot Screenshot
The Last Challenge (1967) 

A gunslinger shoots a rattlesnake for absolutely no good reason.
The Last Challenge The Last Challenge
Last of the Clintons (1935)

A man puts a rattlesnake in a cabin to kill a guy, but it kills a different guy instead. Another man comes into the cabin and shoots the snake.
Last of the Clintons Last of the Clintons
The Last Wagon (1956) 

A young woman hunting for edible plants puts her hand in the wrong place and gets bitten by a rattlesnake. A guy rides around looking for the snake and shoots it for revenge.
The Last Wagon The Last Wagon
Live and Let Die (1973)  

James Bond shoots a snake held by a voodoo priest who is going to use the snake to kill a woman Bond wants to rescue.

He also lights an aerosol can with a cigar to make a flame-thrower to shoot a snake crawling on his bathroom floor, burning it to death.

Live and Let Die

Live and Let Die
Live and Let Die

Live and Let Die
The Lives of a Bengal Lancer (1935) 

A soldier plays a snake charmer's flute and accidentally attracts a real snake. His friend laughs and makes him keep playing the flute to keep the cobra from attacking. Then he goes and gets his pistol and shoots the snake.
The Lives of a Bengal Lancer The Lives of a Bengal Lancer
A Man Alone (1955) 

A gunfighter sees a rattlesnake and blows its head off for no intelligent reason because that's how the West was won. Snakes and Native Americans...
A Man Alone A Man Alone
Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966)  

A family stops to rest and find themselves close to a rattlesnake, so the father shoots at it.
Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966) Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966)
Mega Python vs. Gatoroid (2011)

Gigantic Pythons and Alligators fight it out in the Everglades. Everybody shoots at them, but with little success.
Mega Python vs. Gatoroid Mega Python vs. Gatoroid
Murder by Death (1976) 

A snake is put in Charlie Chan's bedroom to kill him and his son, but Chan shoots it.
Murder by Death Murder by Death
Nadine (1987)   

Nadine finds a rattlesnake put in her bed to kill her, so she shoots it with a shotgun, blowing a hole in the mattress.
Nadine Nadine
New Alcatraz (Boa) (2001)

A giant ancient bulletproof snake comes up from a warm pocket below the ice 9,000 feet under the south pole.
Boa Boa
Rampage (1963) 

An animal trapper in Malaysia shoots a venomous snake too high up in a tree to be of any danger to anyone.
Rampage Rampage
The River's Edge (1957) 

Two men fighting in a cave see a rattlesnake. One of them yells to a woman to shoot it with her rifle and she does.
The River's Edge The River's Edge
Robinson Crusoe (1954)

While searching for gold, a mutineer finds a snake in a box full of grain. He blows its head off with a pistol and continues his plundering.
Screenshot Screenshot
Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead (1971)

A woman hostage of a band of outlaws making for Mexico lies down on a blanket to take a nap. A snake crawls up to her but the hero of the movie quickly shoots its head off.
Shoot the Living and Pray For the Dead Screenshot Shoot the Living and Pray For the Dead Screenshot
Shotgun (1955) 

Apaches tie a man to stakes with rawhide that slowly tightens, pulling his head closer to a rattlesnake that is also tied to a stake. A US Marshall finds him inching closer to death and interrogates him. When he tells him what he wants to know, the Marshall shoots the snake.
Shotgun Shotgun
Snake Island (2002) 

A group of tourists in Africa are stranded on Snake Island, which, Spoiler Alert!, is full of killer snakes. Snakes are killed in many ways. Some are shot with guns.
Snake Island Snake Island
Snakeman (The Snake King) (2005)  

A man bitten by a snake in the Amazon jungle, blows its head off with his automatic rifle.
Snakeman Snakeman
Snakes (Snake/Serpent of Death) 2018

An expedition to an uninhabited island to search for a plant with miraculous healing powers encounters giant monster snakes. Soldiers fail to kill it with their guns, but a grenade in the mouth does the trick.
Screenshot Screenshot
The Spiders: Chapter 1 (1919)  

An adventurer saves an island princess from a big Burmese python that's moving slowly towards her by shooting it.
Spiders Spiders
Sssssss (1973)

After a King Cobra kills the mad scientist who uses its venom in his experiments, a policeman blows its head off with a rifle.
Sssssss Sssssss
Stop Loss (2008)   

An ignorant coward picks up a rifle and shoots a rattlesnake just to impress his buddies.
Stop Loss Stop Loss
Superman II (1980) 

A villianous superwoman from Krypton lands on earth, picks up a snake and it bites her on the hand. She doesn't like that so she shoots laser beams out of her eyes and burns it to death.
Superman II Superman II
Swamp Women (1956) 

A escaped convict woman doublecrosses her friends and hides in a tree to wait for them to come so she can shoot them. When a rattlesnake attack a man she likes who is tied to the tree as a hostage, she shoots it.
Swamp Women Swamp Women
The Tall Texan (1953)

A man shoots a rattlesnake, then picks it up and uses it to whip another man.
The Tall Texan The Tall Texan
Tears of the Black Tiger (2000)

Instead of killing his opponent, a gunfighter shoots a snake on a branch over his head, to save his life. The dead snakes fall on the guy's head.
Tears of the Black Tiger Tears of the Black Tiger
Telefon (1977)   

A rattlesnake named Gus who is kept in glass terrarium in a bar is knocked over by someone to create a distraction. Two Texas lawmen arrive on the scene and blow its head off.
Telefon Telefon
Texas Across the River (1966)

A Comanche medicine man plans to kill a woman with rattlesnakes in a death ceremony. A man runs to her rescue but falls and gets snake bit, so Dean Martin shoots all the snakes.
Texas Across The River Texas Across The River
True Grit (1969) 

A girl falls into an abandoned mine full of rattlesnakes. John Wayne drops into the cave and shoots the snakes to rescue her.
True Grit True Grit
True Grit (2010) 

A girl falls into an abandoned mine full of rattlesnakes. One-eyed Marshall Rooster Cogburn drops into the mine and shoots the snakes to rescue her.
True Grit True Grit
Ular (Python's Pit) 2013

People win a contest to take a dream vacation to an island resort, only to find that it's infested with giant man-eating pythons. The few guns on the island don't make much of a difference in the end.
Ular Ular
Westworld (1973)

At WestWorld amusement park, shooting an android rattlesnake is part of the authentic cowboy experience that you paid for - feeling like a movie cowboy hero who can shoot every snake he sees.
Westworld Westworld
White Huntress (1954) 

Snakes are on the attack in several scenes in this jungle adventure movie so good guys kill as many as they can.
White Huntress White Huntress
The Winning of Barbara Worth (1926) 

A cowboy shoots a rattlesnake for absolutely no reason because that's what movie cowboys do.
The Winning of Barbara Worth The Winning of Barbara Worth
Women in Fury (1984) 

Fugitives from a woman's prison in Brazil run into a couple of deadly snakes in the jungle. A man arrives and shoots one of the snakes through the head.
Women in Fury Women in Fury
The Yearling (1946)

 A man doesn't watch where he puts his hand and a rattlesnake bites him so he shoots it because all snakes must die.
The Yearling The Yearling
The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet (2013)

A boy freezes when he sees a rattlesnake near him, so his father shoots the snake with a rifle.
Screenshot Screenshot
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