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Nowhere Land (2000)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Nowhere Land Nowhere Land Nowhere Land
Nowhere Land Nowhere Land Nowhere Land
Nowhere Land Nowhere Land Nowhere Land
Nowhere Land Nowhere Land Nowhere Land
This is a crime thriller about mobsters and F.B.I. agents. One agent is the main trial witness against a mob boss. To keep him alive so he can testify, the F.B.I. flies him to California and hides him in an isolated cabin in the Sierra Nevada. After a few months alone he starts to go nuts so they send a beautiful woman agent (Dina Meyer) to stay with him. One day he takes her hiking up a steep slope but she falls and slides down landing next to a rattlesnake. He tells her to roll away from the snake just as he puts his foot next to the snake to make it bite his boot and not her. Lucky for him the snake didn't bite his leg, or bite through his boot.

Later, two mob hit men find out where the agent/witness is hiding and come to kill him. One of them tells the other about his fear of snakes. When I heard this, I realized the first snake scene was just there to set us up to see this guy get bitten by a snake later on, and I was right. After a gun fight and a car chase, the woman agent chases the last remaining hit man through the chapparal. He falls and lands right next to several coiled rattlesnakes with his foot stuck in some rocks so he can't move. She enjoys watching him being stuck and afraid so she talks to him about rattlesnakes - they like the sun, when they break off their fangs they can grow new ones in 14 minutes, etc. She tells him not to move or he'll die, but he runs out of patience and pulls his foot out of the rocks and one or more snakes bite him repeatedly. We see him fall down and assume that he dies, but we don't see it happen.

Most of the snakes look like Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnakes or Red-diamond Rattlesnakes.