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Road Trip (2000)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip
Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip

This is a funny teen sex comedy about a college student named Josh and some of his friends who take a long road trip to intercept a sex tape of Josh and Beth that was accidentally mailed to Tiffany, Josh's girlfriend.

We see recurring scenes throughout the first two thirds of the movie involving Josh's weird friend Barry (Tom Green) and a pet Burmese Python named Mitch that belongs to Josh's dorm roommate Ruben. Barry very much wants to feed a mouse to Mitch, but Ruben tells him the snake only eats on Saturdays and that it could die if it overeats. Barry suggests they cut a mouse in half, but that idea is rejected. Finally, when Ruben goes off on the road trip, Barry gets his chance to feed Mitch.

The main feeding scene is one of the funniest snake scenes I can remember. It's preceeded by a couple of short scenes in which Barry talks to a box full of mice, telling them one of them is going to die. Then he talks to Mitch, and finally tosses a mouse into his cage and tells the snake to "unleash the fury!" But Mitch is not interested.

Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip
Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip
Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip
Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip

Finally, in the long scene, we see Barry again trying again to feed Mitch. He holds a mouse by its tail and dangles it over the snake squeaking "eat me, eat me, eat me..." in a mouse-like voice. Mitch is not interested, so Barry tries to convince him to eat by talking to him, saying "Come on, you better eat him, Mitch, before I do." Then Barry slowly puts the mouse in his mouth saying "he's tasty Mitch" like a parent trying to convince a child to eat. Barry has the mouse completely in his mouth when Beth walks through the door. Barry removes the mouse from his mouth and they talk about Josh until Jacob walks into the room. Jacob is a jerk who was rejected by Beth, who prefers Josh. He tells her that he lied to Josh to make sure he will fail his philosophy mid-term which will get him kicked out of college.

As they talk, Barry leans over the snake cage, forgetting that he's still holding the mouse. That's when MItch finally unleashes the fury. He strikes suddenly, swallowing the mouse and Barry's hand. Barry screams and freaks out and swings the snake attached to his hand around the room, destroying the snake's terrarium and other things until the snake lets go of his hand and flies teeth first into Jacob's throat. Jacob gets what he deserves. We end up seeing him lying still on the floor in the doorway with the snake wrapped around his neck as the mouse runs outside the room to freedom.

The snake is a live Burmese Python and Tom Green actually puts a mouse in his mouth. But the snake that bites onto his arm and gets swung around the room is not real. It's a fake snake prop, or probably more than one prop.

Watch the scene on YouTube, if it's still there.