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Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Halloween III Screenshot Halloween III Screenshot Halloween III Screenshot
This is the second sequel to John Carpenter's classic horror movie "Halloween" released in 1978, but the slasher Michael Myers doesn't return in it. It's not even about a slasher, it's about a madman, witchcraft, killing millions of children, and killer robots who rip people's heads off their bodies. There's even a fun sequence at the end where the protagonist rescues his girlfriend without noticing that she is actually a robot replica of his girlfriend. Even when she tries to tear his head off, he doesn't seem to know, which makes sense because most of us have experienced human girlfriends trying to tear our heads off without thinking they were killer fembots. Only after he sees the wires coming out of her body where her arm was torn off does he realize it.

The villain is Conal Cochran (Dan O'Herlihy), an Irish psychopath who made his fortune selling novelties and practical jokes (including sticky toilet paper, whatever that is). Now he operates a factory that makes Halloween masks for children, called Silver Shamrock Novelties. His employees are all robots and he uses some kind of witchcraft, hence the post colon part of the title. Cochran plans to kill millions of children on Halloween by brainwashing them through incessant TV advertising that will make them all watch TV on Halloween night at 9 PM while wearing their Silver Shamrock masks. The masks are designed to kill the children when they receive a signal broadcast through their television sets. Why on earth would someone want to kill millions of children? Remember, he's a witch, and we all know that witches like to kill children and eat babies. It's their thing. When he does the usual evil villain thing - giving a full tour to the protagonist, Daniel Challis (Tom Atkins), and explaining his whole diabolical plan to him - he tells Challis that he's following the ancient tradition of his Celtic people. The last time the mass murder ceremony took place was 3000 years ago and "...the hills ran red with the blood of animals and children." And the time is right again because the planets are in alignment. I'd hate to read his horoscope.

Halloween III Screenshot Halloween III Screenshot Halloween III Screenshot
Halloween III Screenshot Halloween III Screenshot Halloween III Screenshot
Halloween III Screenshot Halloween III Screenshot Halloween III Screenshot
Halloween III Screenshot Halloween III Screenshot Halloween III Screenshot
Halloween III Screenshot Halloween III Screenshot Halloween III Screenshot
Cochran shows Challis a demonstration of what will happen to the children at 9 PM. One of his customers, along with his wife, and his young son, is in a waiting room at the factory. Cochran, Challis, and a bunch of robots are spying on them with TV monitors. When the boy puts on his orange pumpkin mask and watches the Silver Shamrock TV commercial, he suddenly falls to the floor in agony and his mask becomes distorted. He's obviously dead because all sorts of bugs and snakes come crawling out of his head. I don't think we are supposed to believe that the bugs and snakes killed him. The previous night we saw a woman accidentally set off a mask device and a laser beam exploded her head and then spiders came out of the wounds. So he was probably killed by a laser. I don't know why the bugs and snakes came out. That doesn't make much sense and was probably done just for the creepy effect. Maybe the laser conjured them up as part of the witchcraft ceremony, but why snakes when there are no snakes in Ireland? I suppose you just have to chalk it up to witchcraft and forget about it. If something makes no sense, they can always say it's magic and nobody can complain. Just like with superheroes and their superpowers. Slashers like Michael Myers are much more believable, which makes them scarier.

We see several small snakes crawling around the boy's pumpkin mask along with two large snakes. We also see a small snake crawling on the dead boy's mother's face after she fainted. Maybe the little snake killed her. I'm not sure what species the small snakes are, but one of the large snakes is an Eastern Ratsnake, the yellow striped variety, and the other one is a Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnake. The boy's father is shocked to see his son die in such a horrible way, and he panics and tries to open the door to run away, but the door is locked. The rattlesnake strikes and bites him on the leg. He falls to the floor and dies right away. Rattlesnakes don't humans kill that quickly, except in movies, and this is a movie, but I'm always going to complain about that. I'm also going to complain about the army of killer robots. Who makes them and where? In the mask factory? How does a toy maker have robots in 1982 that are far more advanced than anything we have more than 40 year later? And how did he make a robot so quickly that looked exactly like Challis' girlfriend. Oh, of course, it's magic.

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