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The Snake Girl (1974)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
The Snake Girl The Snake Girl The Snake Girl
The Snake Girl The Snake Girl The Snake Girl
The Snake Girl The Snake Girl The Snake Girl
The Snake Girl The Snake Girl The Snake Girl
The Snake Girl The Snake Girl The Snake Girl
This movie is lots of fun, even with the lousy picture and often illegible subtitles that were on the DVD I watched. It has a wonderfully schizophrenic soundtrack that jumps from modern jazz to weird electronic sounds to ancient folk music to 60's style Asian rock. It also has beautiful women, crazy self-mutilating soothsayers and lots of snakes. According to IMDB it's from Taiwan/Hong Kong/Cambodia, but there is little other information about it.

Here's the entire plot in a nutshell: Big Madam and her boyfriend poison their spouses and she becomes the mistress of a large estate. After he tries to rape her beautiful adopted sister, Big Madam's henchmen throw her into a snake pit to die. Instead she lies down and caresses a big snake and the next thing we see is baby Snake Girl surrounded by snakes. Then suddenly we're years in the future where we see a vivacious young Snake Girl climbing out of the snake pit ready to have some fun. She wears a large white head covering, swings around on vines like Tarzan and attracts the attention of Fei-lung, Big Madam's grown son. He chases Snake Girl until she lets him catch her. After a while his curiosity gets the better of him and he pulls off her hat only to discover that she has a head full of snakes like Medusa. That freaks him out and makes her ashamed, but eventually he decides he wants her even with her writhing hair-do.

Fei-lung's mother wants him to marry someone else so she has her henchmen capture Snake Girl in order to kill her in an exorcism ceremony. When a man starts cutting the snakes off her head with a sword, suddenly a herd of snakes starts crawling in and falling from the air and killing everybody in an unintentionally hilarious climax. The lovers are reunited and Fei-lung says "Human world is full of sins and deceptions. Let's inhabit in the mountains." Then they live happily ever after in the snake pit. I added that last part, but I'm sure that's what happened.

Most of the snakes we see are live Burmese Pythons, and there are more pythons in this movie than I think I've seen in any movie, but there are other harmless snakes in the mix, too. While most people are terrified of the snakes and try to kill them, Snake Girl's mother and Snake Girl treat them gently with affection. Most of the snakes on Snake Girl's Medusa head are fake, but they somehow attached a few live ones in there to give it a little movement.