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Sisters of Death (1976)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

This is a thriller about a secret society of young women who initiate new members by dressing in silly costumes and playing a game of Russian roulette. One of the women gets her head blown off. We find out later that one of women put a real bullet in the gun on purpose. You know this is a bad movie because there is a Rifftrax comedy version and even that doesn't make it much better. There are two scenes with a rattlesnake.

Seven years after the woman's death, the other six women who were at the ceremony all get invitations to a reunion in Paso Robles. They've never seen a horror movie, so they all agree to go. Two men are hired to pick them up then leave, but lust after the sexy young things gets the better of them and they sneak back into the party. Soon enough everyone learns that the man who invited the women is the father of the woman who got her head blown off in an initiation and he plans to kill them all to revenge his daughter. Even though he has guns and eveyone else is trapped inside his compound by an electrified fence that can and does kill people and he could kill them all much more quickly and easily, he decides to do it all the hard way. One woman is found dead in the bathroom stabbed in the back with a pair of scissors. Another one finds a tarantula crawling on her body when she is lying in bed, which of course doesn't kill her. Leaving venomous animals inside a room hoping they will somehow find and then attack and then kill someone is so unbelievably crazy it's only done in the movies. Sure, a rattlesnake in a mailbox might work, not that I'm recommending it, but a rattlesnake is not like a land mine, ready to go off at first touch. But sure enough, the deviously dumb plan is tried again later with a rattlesnake, this time with more success.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

One of the men goes into a basement to get something to help him with his plan to turn off the electric fence, but he sees a rattlesnake in the way. We hear it buzzing like a chainsaw which is necessary since it's so dark we can hardly see it. He slowly moves towards the snake and grabs the thingamabob. The snake crawls away quickly onto the floor and the man runs up the stairs and shuts the door, heaving a sigh of relief. So far so good. That's how you deal with a rattlesnake. Don't try to kill it or pick it up and toss it away, you just avoid it.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

I thought maybe the rattlesnake was just a stray that crawled into the basement on its own, but then a few minutes later we see one of the women standing in the doorway looking into the basement. Then we see someone lock the door behind her. She is so upset when we see her in the basement, it's obvious that she was pushed inside the door to let the snake kill her. Again, why doesn't the killer just shoot her or hit her on the head? He could slit her throat or maybe us a garrote or just strangle her with his belt or his hands. I hear chainsaws are good for killing young women in horror movies, too. Not that I recommend ever doing any of those things to someone. There must be a more efficient way to kill someone besides hoping she gets close enough to the snake that it bites her and injects its venom and the venom kills her, especially when none of those things are guaranteed. The killer is obviously not trying to make the deaths look like accidents if he stabbed one of the women in the back with scissors.

Anyway, it's in a movie so you know his plan is going to work. The woman stumbles around terrified in the dark until she sees a window. She walks towards the window and the snake bites her. We see it strike then we see her scream and we never see her again so it's obvious to me that she was killed by the snake.

The snake we see is a live rattlesnake, but we never see it in the same frame with either of the actors, so it was obviously filmed by itself then edited into the scenes.