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Love at First Kill (aka The Box Collector) (2008)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Love at First Kill Love at First Kill Love at First Kill
Love at First Kill Love at First Kill Love at First Kill
Love at First Kill Love at First Kill Love at First Kill
Love at First Kill Love at First Kill Love at First Kill
Love at First Kill Love at First Kill Love at First Kill
This is a Canadian movie that stars a hot Belgian actress, Lyne Renee, and a bunch of snakes. That's all you need to know.
Michael Bowen plays Burt, a biker who goes out collecting rattlesnakes and keeps them in his "Milking Depot" in his wife Luz's beauty parlor. He likes to make lewd comparisons about his snakes with the hot bartender. We watch him feed a mouse to a rattlesnake in one scene. He wanders around with his tongs and a bag full of snakes that sometimes escape. He brings vials of antivenin to a young pharmacy clerk whose breasts seem to want to get out of her shirt as much as the snakes want to get out of the bag, then he takes her herping with him. Luz finds out and throws dishes at him in a jealous rage. That releases a snake he caught (which he told 911 operator was a "Mohavy" rattlesnake.) The snake bites him and Luz leaves him to die, locking the door so the ambulance drivers can't get in and cutting the phone cord so he can't call for help. (Ask your grandpa what a phone cord is.) She goes out and gets drunk and when she comes back Burt is dead and she gets bitten by the snake and dies. The whole side plot with Luz and Burt add absolutely nothing to the real plot, but at least we get to see a bunch of snakes.

We don't know where the movie takes place, so maybe it's in the range of Mojave rattlesnakes, but that doesn't really matter since the rattlesnake we see is a red diamond rattlesnake, not a Mojave rattlesnake. We never see Burt's face when he's handling a snake and all of the rattlesnakes we see become harmless snakes when he handles them. That's to be expected, to protect the actors, but I'm always amazed they think they can fool us like that when the harmless snakes look nothing like the rattlesnakes.