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Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Mad Max 2 Mad Max 2 Mad Max 2 Mad Max 2
Mad Max 2 Mad Max 2 Mad Max 2 Mad Max 2

In a dystopian desert wasteland Mad Max finds a small gyro herlicopter that is protected by a venomous snake. He quickly grabs the snake by the neck before it can strike him. It's not clear if he just wants to steal gas from the helicopter or if he plans to eat the snake. Probably both. The gyro captain, who had buried himself in the sand to trap thieves and steal from them jumps out of the ground and forces Max to drop the snake and all of his weapons. He tells Max that he's never seen someone fast enough to beat the snake, which tells us that his snake-weapon plan has worked before. But Max turns the tables and takes the gyro captain prisoner, leaving the snake behind.

Watch this scene on YouTube.

Mad Max 2 Mad Max 2 Mad Max 2 Mad Max 2

After he finds some gasoline, Max brings the gyro captain back to his gyro helicopter where they find another man dead from snakebite. The captain picks up the snake, but Max's dog tries to grab it. Food is very scarce in this wasteland. The captain tells the dog to leave it alone because it's his snake and he's going to eat it, then tells the dog how nutritious it is. But he doesn't eat it as we see in the next scene.

Mad Max 2 Mad Max 2 Mad Max 2 Mad Max 2

Max has the gyro captain fly him to pick up a large diesel truck, then he sets the captain free. But Lord Humungus and his gang chase Max and try to kill him. The gyro captain flying above Max pulls out the snake and drops it on an arrow gunner in a vehicle behind Max, about to kill him. The snake falls on the gunner's shoulders and bites him on the face, which makes him shoot his arrows into his driver who crashes the car letting Max get away.

The snake is a Carpet Python, native to Australia. It's not a venomous snake., but it's playing one for the movie. We also see a rubber snake prop with huge fangs used then Max grabs the snake, and later when the gyro captain grabs it to throw out of his helicopter.