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RRR (2022)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
RRR Screenshot RRR Screenshot RRR Screenshot
RRR Screenshot RRR Screenshot RRR Screenshot

This is a Telugu-language epic action drama musical set in India in 1920 that imagines a meeting between two real-life Indian revolutionaries fighting the British Raj. RRR stands for Rise, Revolt, Roar. The most expensive Indian move to date, it's a CGI-laden action movie full of so much unbelievable action, so many unusual coincidences, and such over-the-top evil villains, that I had to think of it as just another silly comic book superhero movie in order to enjoy it. And it's an Indian movie, so the macho superheroes also sing and dance - to a song that won the Oscar for best original song. Imagine Vin Diesel and Jason Statham beating people's brains out, then singing and dancing like crazy in an epic dance battle - it's something like that. The two heroes are Raju, who has become a policeman to further his revolutionary goal of arming his people to fight the British, and Bheem, who is searching for a young village girl named Malli who was taken from her mother by the evil wife of the psychopathic Governor who are both portrayed as grotesque caricatures.

The Governor puts a bounty on Bheem's head. Raju accepts the challenge to bring him in alive because it will earn him a promotion that will help him obtain a lot of weapons. Raju is working undercover and hunting for Lacchu who knows where Bheem is. He sees a young boy in trouble and he and Bheem save the boy together. This begins a huge bromance between Raju and Bheem. They dance, dance, dance, and chase after a girl together, not knowing the truth about each other. And there are some good scenes with a snake and a snake bite treatment that increases the bond between them.

RRR Screenshot RRR2 Screenshot RRR3 Screenshot
RRR Screenshot RRR Screenshot RRR Screenshot
RRR Screenshot RRR Screenshot RRR Screenshot

In a dark room Raju is torturing a man named Lacchu whose hands are tied behind his back. Lacchu refuses to tell him where to find Bheem so Raju leaves the room. Lacchu turns his head to see behind him where he sees a small snake crawling on the floor. He picks up a stick and starts tapping the floor with it to attract the snake to his hand. He can't see the snake but somehow Lacchu knows exactly when the snake is close enough to strike out at his hand and he drops the stick and opens his hand. The snake strikes and he closes his hand and grabs it by its neck.

RRR Screenshot RRR Screenshot RRR Screenshot
RRR Screenshot RRR Screenshot RRR Screenshot
RRR Screenshot RRR Screenshot RRR Screenshot

Right after Bheem catches the snake Raju returns and starts asking questions. Lacchu throws the snake at Raju and somehow the snake manages to land fangs-first on his arm and bite him. Raju waves his arm around for a while before pulling the snake off and throwing it towards the camera. Lacchu tells him the snake is a Banded Krait, that even the English don't have an antidote for its venom, and that Raju will be dead in an hour. Raju pulls out a knife, but instead of killing Lachhu, he partially cuts the rope binding Lacchu's hands so he can untie them and escape later.

RRR Screenshot RRR Screenshot RRR Screenshot
RRR Screenshot RRR Screenshot RRR Screenshot

Looking as if he's dying, Raju stumbles out of the room and into the street where Bheem just happens to be walking. He sees the bites on Raju's arm, and immediately knows it's a Banded Krait. He orders the other men to get him a burning piece of coal and a datura root then he starts picking leaves and mashes everything up in a bowl. He then rubs something on the bite, ties on a bandage, and pours some liquid through a piece of burning wood into Raju's mouth. He takes Raju home and puts him to bed, telling him the antidote is working and he'll be completely fine by tomorrow. Then he tells Raju his secret, that he's searching for Malli and leaves. Raju realizes then that his best friend Bheem is the man he's been hunting for. He gets out of bed and starts beating up his punching bag. No snake venom is going to stop him. Moments later we see him in full uniform driving a flaming 4 horse carriage at the Governor's palace fighing Bheem and battling a tiger with a flaming torch. That's one amazing snakebite treatment.

The snake is a good CGI rendering and so are all the other animals we see, the tigers, wolves, bears, leopards, even the fish. The filmmakers were so concerned about the audience thinking they were real that they showed a disclaimer before the movie even started stating that no animals were harmed and that they were all computer-generated. I was happy that the animators didn't draw the snake with two giant fangs at the front of its mouth, which is typical on CGI venomous snakes, but we still see two huge fang marks on Raju's arm after he was bitten. We do hear a few hissing sounds but overall the snake is not accompanied by the ridiculous rattling and hissing sounds we hear in most American movies when we see a snake on screen. However, there is one problem with it - two times the English subtitles tell us the snake is a Banded Krait but it looks nothing like a Banded Krait. It's not even close. The snake is red with no bands while a Banded Krait has black and either white or yellow bands around its body. Either Tollywood (the Telugu film industry) is just as unconcerned with snake realism as Hollywood is, or maybe the English subtitles are wrong and the actors call the snake by another name but the translators decided to change the name to Banded Krait. I'll get back to you about that after I become fluent in Telegu, though that will have to wait until I learn how to call a snake by tapping a stick on the ground. That could come in handy.