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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
GI Joe GI Joe GI Joe
GI Joe GI Joe GI Joe
GI Joe GI Joe GI Joe
GI Joe GI Joe GI Joe
This is basically a cartoon superhero movie, although it was not based on a comic. The story is nothing new, but a movie like this is really only about the action and the visuals and this one has enough fire fights, fighting ninjas, explosions, car crashes, and air, ground, and underwater battles to meet the demands of its targeted male audience, and there are even a couple of thin romantic subplots, just in case any girls were unwittingly dragged into the theater.

It takes place in a future world where people fly around in hover jets or travel as holograms, and soldiers wear enormous suits that let them move faster than a motorcycle and survive getting run down by cars and jumping through moving trains. In this kind of movie there’s always an evil villain who wants to rule the world, and this one is a Scottish arms dealer with a miitary base under the polar ice cap named McCullen who plans to use gazillions of tiny metal-eating Nanomites that can destroy entire cities to scare the world into submission. He also takes over the White House with an imposter president, but that thread is saved for the sequel. The Nanomites have been created by a McCullen employee - a disfigured mad scientist with a bizarre face mask with a blue monocle called “The Doctor.” (That’s a boring name in a movie where other people have cool names like Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Heavy Duty, Ripcord, Zartan, and Dr. Mindbender.)

In the snake scene, The Doctor shows McCullen some super soldiers he has created and named “Neo-Vipers.” He first shows McCullen a King Cobra in a glass cage and tells him dramatically that it’s “Nature’s Grim Reaper and symbol of lethal purpose.” Nanomites have been injected into the Neo-Vipers that inactivate the self-preservation region of their brains so that they feel no fear, no pain, no remorse, and have no concepts of morality. To prove this, The Doctor uses what looks like a giant TV remote to make one of the Neo-Vipers put his arm into the cobra cage. The cobra bites his arm and the soldier falls to his knees, but then we suddely fly into one of the two bite wounds on his arm where we see drops of cobra venom getting captured and removed by the Nanomites in his blood and expelled back out of the wounds, as The Doctor narrates what’s happening. McCullen likes what he sees, and the Neo-Vipers are fitted with metal masks, ready for battle, but for the rest of the movie they are no different than all henchmen in action movies - they are only there to get killed by the good guys.

There appear to be three kinds of cobras used for the scene: we see a prop cobra in the cage (either that or it’s a real one that never moves) then we see a brief shot of a real cobra, then we see a computer-generated cobra that does the arm biting. The computer effects are not terrible, but I would’t call them realistic.