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Dark Tide (1994)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Dark Tide Dark Tide Dark Tide
Dark Tide Dark Tide
Dark Tide Dark Tide Dark Tide
Dark Tide Dark Tide Dark Tide
Dark Tide Dark Tide Dark Tide
Dark Tide Dark Tide Dark Tide
Dark Tide Dark Tide Dark Tide
This is an erotic thriller with lots of sea snakes and a little bit of nudity.

Andi is a beautiful young American woman who travels to a tropical island in the Phillipines to visit her boyfriend Tim, who has hired a boat to take him out to hunt for sea snakes to collect their venom and sell it for $5000 per ounce. He also tells Andi that the locals call the sea snake "the eight minute snake" because its bite will kill you in eight minutes. Andi joins Tim diving and collecting sea snakes each day. We see Tim's collection of sea snakes in aquariums at his house and watch him milk their venom. Wherever she goes, Andi attracts a lot of attention from the local men. After she does a sexy dance in a nightclub, the local policeman tells Tim that she is violating island taboos by dancing in public. He also warns Tim that the islanders worship the snakes and Tim promises to treat them with respect.

Dak, the captain of the boat Tim has hired, who looks like the long-haired shirtless guys on romance novel covers, takes Andi to a cave where the walls have paintings of a snake goddess who was worshipped by the islanders long ago, and to whom they sacrificed women. Dak becomes obsessed with Andi but she tells him to leave her alone. He doesn't, and rapes her repeatedly he gets Tim out of the way by arranging for a sea snake to bite him. Tim is saved by antivenin but he becomes temporarily crippled. After that we see Andi taking a bath when she notices a sea snake in the tub with her. We don't know how it got there or why a salt water snake would want to be in fresh water but questions like these defeat the purpose of watching a dumb sexy thriller so ignore them. Andi is terrified as the snake slowly crawls up between her breasts towards her face, but Tim manages to sneak up in his wheelchair and grab the snake before it can bite her.

Finally there's a climactic fight between Dak, his friends, and Tim and Andi. The couple use bang sticks and spear guns to fight back, but Dak puts Tim's hand into a sea snake aquarium and Tim is bitten again. Andi quickly shoots him up with antivenin and saves his life, but Dak is not so lucky. Earlier, Andi put several sea snakes in a tub apparently planning to use them as a weapon later. And sure enough, as Dak is attacking her she manages to push him into the tub full of snakes and he is bitten repeatedly on the face. He begs Andi for the antivenin but she says "oops" and drops the glass bottle on the floor, wasting all the antivenin, and killing her rapist. I like a movie with a happy ending.

I'm not sure what kind of sea snakes we see in the movie, but they are probably the species known by several names - colubrine sea krait, banded sea krait, or yellow-lipped sea krait - which is common in tropical Indo-Pacific oceanic waters. Some of the snakes we see are real, at least in the underwater footage of them swimming and when we see snakes in aquariums, but most of the snakes we see in the house are probably fake snakes along with a few dead snakes thrown in for realism.