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Silent Venom (Sea Snakes) (2009)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Silent Venom Mega Snake Silent Venom
Silent Venom Silent Venom
Silent Venom Silent Venom
Silent Venom Silent Venom Silent Venom
This movie is proof that anyone can just throw a bunch of harmless pet store snakes on a floor, wrap harmless king snakes or corn snakes around someone's shirt that's covered with fake blood, add some terrible computer-generated monster snakes, and make a straight-to-video killer snake movie.

The backstory is not important - a submarine picks up some snake researchers who are studying some incredibly venomous nuclear-mutated snakes and breeding them with rattlesnakes to create a bunch of enormous monster mutant snakes. They put both kinds of snakes onto the boat where a nosy sailor sets them free and then the snakes start killing everybody.

Somebody thought they were also making a submarine movie so people are always saying things like "XO has the com" and other movie Navy jargon while they try to hide from the Chinese Navy which somehow also snuck into the movie. The movie stars Luke Perry and an attractive actress but fortunately they didn't create any real romantic possiblities to get in the way of the killer snakes.

A lot of nice-looking harmless pet snakes are used (accompanied by horrible hissing and rattling sound effects): corn snakes, albino corn snakes, milk snakes, albino milk snakes, pythons, king snakes, and indigo snakes. They look great if you're into designer snake breeds. Normally I would complain that they're all harmless snakes and a movie that shows harmless snakes as dangerous is just perpetuating lies, but these snakes are supposed to be mutants, I think.
Silent Venom Silent Venom Silent Venom
Silent Venom Silent Venom Silent Venom
Along with the real snakes, we also see a gigantic monster snake on the island and two mutant snakes brought on to the submarine which grow very large after they escape. These are all very either bad computer-generated effects or fake prop snakes.