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Gold of the Amazon Women (1979)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
This is a really cheesy made-for-TV urban crime/jungle adventure movie that has two snake scenes. I thought I'd seen some very bad fake snake trickery in movies, but this one might be the worst I've ever seen. They probably had no budget at all for the snakes. Instead of using real snakes or realistic custom-made special effect snakes, they just use a cheap brightly-painted rubber snake, the kind you can buy as a kid's toy, in the first scene, and another terrible fake snake for the second scene. They yank on the fake snakes with a wire to make them look alive, but that happens so quickly you can't even see them move. The second snake is so fake looking, it's dark and out of focus so we can't see how lousy it looks. But of course, nobody's watching this movie for the snakes. This movie is all about the male fantasy of encountering a society of scantily-clad women who live in the jungle without any men, fighting over who gets to have sex with the stray men who accidentally find their way into their village. (We are told that men are kept alive only as long as they can keep fathering babies for the tribe. A tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.)

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Basically, two guys from New York fly to the Amazon to search for a lost city of gold that is guarded by a tribe of Amazon women. A drug dealer also wants to find the gold so he can rule the world drug trade. When the men get to their South American hotel, the drug dealer has given the bellboy a bag full of deadly snake and paid him to put it in one of the men's suitcases. When the man opens the suitcase the snake springs up about ten feet at him. He somehow catches it behind the neck. He's the great white explorer hero of the movie, so maybe that's his superpower - catching flying snakes with his bare hands. He puts the snake's head under his shoe and snaps it dead, then tosses it away. He tells the other man it's a "shushupe" that can kill you in two minutes.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Later the two guys pick up a black man in a village in the jungle to guide them. The guide leaves them to find a medicinal plant, but he is bitten by another "shoshupe" and we see him die quickly.

That's it for rubber snakes. The snakes may be fake, but the word "shoshupe" is actually the Peruvian word for a venomous viper found in South America called Lachesis muta - the Bushmaster. I learn so much from movies.