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Rattlesnakes in Movies

This is an alphabetical list of movies with a rattlesnake in them taken from the main Snakes in Movies List.

You can see more pictures and read a description of the rattlesnake scenes by following the title link.

Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching a film.

Shortcut to Movie Title

7 Faces of Dr. Lao (1964)  

Dr. Lao's circus features a giant talking rattlesnake snake that takes on the appearance of the person it is talking to.
7 Faces of Dr. Lao
17 Miracles (2011)

Two young girls walking on a trail encounter dozens of rattlesnakes and gophersnakes.They survive by jumping over them.

17 Miracles Snakes
Ace in the Hole (The Big Carnival) (1951)

After returning from a rattlesnake hunt, a New Mexico Sheriff sits at a table in a diner trying to feed steak with a fork to his pet rattlesnake that is coiled up in a flimsy box.
Ace in the Hole
Alligator (1980)

A police detective seeks help from a herpetologist about a giant alligator eating people in the sewer. We first see the herpetologist in her lab milking a rattlesnake, then putting it back in its cage.
Snakes in Movies
American Sniper (2014)

A Navy Seal at a firing range proves his marksmanship by shooting a cryptic rattlesnake coiled near his target.

American Sniper
Angel of Vengeance (War Cat) (1987)

A woman who is abducted and abused gets revenge by throwing one of her captors into a pit full of rattlesnakes.
Angel of Vengeance Screenshot
Any Which Way You Can (1980) 

New York City mobsters bet on a fight between a ferret and a rattlesnake.

Any Which Way You Can
Auntie Lee's Meat Pies (1992) 

One of Auntie Lee's beautiful nieces has a pet rattlesnake that she uses to lure men to their death, but it's not the snake that kills them, it's the snake sculpture.
Auntie Lees Meat Pies
Babylon (2022)

A drugged-out actress goads her drunken father into fighting a rattlesnake. When he passes out, she decides to fight the rattlesnake herself, only to get bitten on the neck.
Babylon Screenshot
Bad Girls (1994)  

Three saloon girls on the lam are startled by a rattlesnake. One of them shoots it and later they cook it over a fire and eat it.
Bad Girls
The Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970)  

Two men try to kill him, then hide in a pit, so Cable throws rattlesnakes into the pit to force them out.
Ballad of Cable Hogue
Band of the Hand (1986) 

A juvenile criminal falls next to a rattlesnake in the Everglades and is bitten on the hand. An older guy grabs it and cuts its head off.
Band of the Hand
Barbarosa (1982)

An outlaw climbing down a cliff is startled by a rattlesnake. He catches it as it strikes at him then falls off a cliff into a river with it. When he comes up out of the water, he panics and throws the snake away onto a rock, unharmed.
Beetlejuice (1988) 

Bio-exorcist Betelgeuse becomes a gigantic rattlesnake to scare away the new tenants of a house haunted by two recently-dead ghosts.
Big Freakin' Snake (2023)

Pollution causes some snakes to mutate into giants and others to agressively attack people.
Big Girls Don't Cry... They Get Even (Step Kids) (1992) 

Two boys encounter a rattlesnake in the woods and one of them picks it up by the tail and whips it to death.
Big Girls Don't Cry
The Big Sky (1952)

Two future friends meet when one of them falls down next to a rattlesnake and the other one throws a knife at the snake and kills it, saving the other man.
The Big Sky
Billy Jack (1971)  

As Billy Jack performs a snake ceremony, dancing around in a circle with a rattlesnake, he is bitten repeatedly by the snake.
Billy Jack
Bite the Bullet (1975)

A man cuts off the head of a rattlesnake that was crawling too close to a man taking a nap.
Bite The Bullet
Black Samurai (1977)

A mobster cult leader called The Warlock throws people into a jail cell full of killer rattlesnakes to get rid of them.
Black Samurai
Bone Dry (2007) 

A man being tortured in the desert searches around in a truck and is bitten by a rattlesnake hiding under the seat.
Bone Dry
Broken Lance (1954)  

Another stupid movie cowboy shoots a rattlesnake that was not a danger to anyone.
Broken Lance
Bronco Billy (1980)  

A Wild West show includes Chief Big Eagle's Rattlesnake Dance.
Bronco Billy
Call Her Savage (1932)  

A rattlesnake scares her horse and throws her to the ground, so Clara Bow angrily whips the snake.
Call Her Savage
Cannery Row (1982)

A marine biologist keeps rattlesnakes to sell their venom, and talks to them about his romantic situation.
Cannery Row
The Campaign (2012)  

In order to win the support of a snake-handling church a politician handles some snakes, but he gets bitten by a rattlesnake.
the campaign
The Canyon (2009) 

A wilderness guide is bitten by two rattlesnakes and dies, leaving his clients to survive in the Grand Canyon alone without food or water, chased by hungry wolves.
The Canyon
Capricorn One (1977) 

An escaped astronaut lost in the desert hides in a cave where he finds a rattlesnake, kills it, and eats it.
Capricorn One
Catlow (1971) 

An outlaw shoots a rattlesnake that scared his horse.
Hell's Belles
Chato's Land (1972)   

Charles Bronson hurls a rattlesnake off a hill onto a bad guy. End of bad guy.
Chato's Land
Cherry 2000 (1987)

Unkle Jake cooks a rattlesnake for dinner in a toaster oven.
Cherry 2000
Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures (Cinema, Aspirinas e Urubus) (2005) 

A man travelling in Brazil lifts a large rock to hide something under, but finds a rattlesnake under the rock.
Cinema Aspirin Vultures

City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold (1994)  

A guy sits on a cactus then sees a rattlesnake and thinks the rattlesnake bit him until his friend makes him bend over and pulls out a cactus spine.

City Slickers 2
Cold Creek Manor (2003)

A snake gets in the pool and then somebody fills a house with snakes, incuding a rattlesnake, to terrorize a family.
Cold Creek Manor
Color of Night (1994)

Bruce Willis finds a rattlesnake in his mail box.
Color of Night
Committed (2000)

A grandfather in the El Paso desert has a pet rattlesnake that he likes to hold in his hands because he has made himself immune to its venom.
Committed Screenshot
Cool Hand Luke (1967)  

Luke, working on a chain gang, catches a big rattlesnake, that is immediately shot.
Cool Hand Luke
Cowboy (1958)  

A cowboy finds a rattlesnake at their campsite so he picks it up with a stick and throws it. It gets thrown back and forth until it bites a cowboy on his neck and he dies.
The Culpepper Cattle Co. (1972) 

A bartender keeps a rattlesnake in a large jar to use in a betting game.
The Culpepper Cattle Co.
Day of the Animals (1977)

Because the ozone layer has been depleted, animals at high elevations have become bloodthirsty killers, including the snakes. A man finds a truck bed full of rattlesnakes then later a VW full of more rattlesnakes.
A Day Without A Mexican (2004)

This movie shows us that if all Mexicans in California disappeared there would be nobody to wash dishes, blow leaves, pick fruit, or shoot rattlesnakes that are threatening our children.
A Day Without A Mexican
The Deadly Companions (1961) 

Another Western rattlesnake bites the dust for no good reason.
Deadly Companions
Desert Gold (1936)

A tenderfoot shoots at a gopher snake until his partner tells him that it's harmless. Later he finds a rattlesnake. Thinking it harmless, he is about to grab it when his partner shoots it.
Desert Gold
Desierto (2015)

An illegal immigrant encounters a pile of rattlesnakes dumped all over the desert. That's not exactly realistic set design.
Despicable Me 2 (2013)

A villain named El Macho is so macho that he squirts venom from a rattlesnake into his drink at a bar.
The Devil's Brigade (1968) 

One rattlesnake is discovered and shot to death and another is put under a soldier's bedcovers.
The Devil's Brigade
The Devil's Partner (1960) (Enter the Devil)

A man who sold his soul to the Devil changes himself into a rattlesnake to sneak into a house to kill the fiance of a woman he wants.
Devils Partner Screenshot
Distant Drums (1951)

Gary Cooper holds a rattlesnake's open mouth in the face of an Indian to torture him.
Distant Drums
Drive, He Said (1971) 

A campus radical runs naked into a college science lab and releases a bunch of captive animals including mice, lizards, frogs, and a rattlesnake.
Drive He Said
Double Exposure (1982)

A psycho-killer photographer puts a rattlesnake in a trash bag and ties it to a woman's head until she is bitten and dies.
Double Exposure Screenshot
The Dude Ranger (1934)

A cowboy drops a rattlesnake out of a bag onto a sleeping man's bed to try to kill him.
The Dude Ranger
Duel (1971)

A man chased by a truck monster, stops to make a phone call at a gas station with a rattlesnake roadside attraction. The truck smashes their cages and some of the snakes get loose.
Duel screenshot
End of Days (1999)

Devil-worshippers use the blood of a rattlesnake to feed a newborn baby to claim it for Satan.

End of Days
Enter the Devil (1972) 

Torch-carrying cult members throw people into a pit full of rattlesnakes in the desert to get rid of them.
Enter the Devil
Escort West (1958) 

A man picks up a rattlesnake and throws it around the neck of an Indian warrior who is chasing him.
Escort West
Every Which Way but Loose (1978)

An armed man sneaking up on another man in the woods comes face to face with a rattlesnake.
Eve's Bayou (1997) 

A young girl finds a stuffed rattlesnake in a box of voodoo items belonging to her witch aunt, and leaves it next to her sleeping brother's head to scare him when he wakes up.
Eve's Bayou

The Far Side of Jericho (2006) 

A ghost warns a woman about to relieve herself in the outdoors to be careful of the sidewinder crawling between her boots.

The Far Side of Jericho
Fire Down Below (1997) 

When some goons put rattlesnakes in his room to kill him, Steven Segal returns the favor and fills their truck with rattlesnakes.
Fire Down Below
Flypaper (1997)

A young couple drink antivenom then lie down unclothed in a swimming pool full of live rattlesnakes that keep biting them but they don't seem to mind.
Fools Rush In (1997)  

A group of guys go to the desert to shoot something. One of them finds some rattlesnakes so they blast them away, because that's what fools with guns do.
Fools Rush In
The Fortune (1975) 

Two fools buy a rattlesnake hoping to use it to kill a woman and inherit her fortune.
The Fortune
Four Faces West (1948)

A fugitive is bitten by a rattlesnake then treats the wound. He hops a train where he meets a pretty nurse who tends his wound and steals his heart.
Four Faces West Screenshot
The Frisco Kid (1979) 

A rattlesnake scares a Polish Rabbi's horse making it jump off a cliff into a river.
The Frisco Kid
Frogs (1972)  

Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnakes and other animals strike back at humans for polluting the world.
From Mexico with Love (2009)

A man uses his van to collect rattlesnakes and uses that business as a cover for his business of smuggling undocumented farmworkers and drugs.
From Mexico with Love
Giant (1956)  

A cowboy shoots a rattlesnake to protect his cattle because cowboys are stupid like that.
Go West (1925) 

Buster Keaton hops a freight train to the West where one of the first thing he sees is a rattlesnake hiding in some cactus.
Go West
Greed (1924)  

A rattlesnake strikes out at a man and his mule travelling through Death Valley.
Guncrazy (1992)

A preacher keeps a pet rattlesnake named Pee Wee who he claims has lost her natural desire to do anyone any harm. Later Pee Wee bites him on the face.
Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

A madman tries to kill millions of children by filling their halloween masks with killer bugs and snakes, including a rattlesnake that also bites and kills a child's father.
Halloween III Screenshot
Hard Target (1993)  

Jean-Claude Van Damme punches a rattlesnake in the face then makes a trap with it to kill one of the men who is hunting him.
Hard Target
The Harvey Girls (1946)

Someone puts a rattlesnake in the Harvey girls' closet to try to scare them into leaving town, so a man pulls out his pistol and shoots the snake. All we see is the shadow of a rattlesnake, but the rattle is visible and we hear the usual loud rattling sounds.
Harvey Girls Screenshot
Hell Town (Born to the West) (1937)

A rattling rattlesnake scares a woman's horse into running away out of control giving John Wayne an opportunity to chase it and play the hero by saving her.
Hell Town
Hell's Belles (1969) 

Two fighting bikers fall into a mine full of rattlesnakes. Only one walks out.
Hell's Belles
Hideout in the Sun (1960)

A bank robber running from the police tries to hide in the Miami Serpentarium, which is full of snakes, including a deadly cobra that kills him, and several rattlesnakes.
The Hills Have Eyes (1977) 

A girl picks up a rattlesnake and makes it bite a man who is trying to kill another man.
The Hills Have Eyes
Holes (2003)  

A boy intentionally gets himstlf bitten by a rattlesnake in order to get out of a prison camp in the desert where he digs holes all day.
The House on Skull Mountain (1974)

Snakes are used by a voodoo priest to scare his victims, including rattlesnakes in a rocking chair that scare a woman to death.
Invasion of the Star Creatures (1962)

A soldier marching into an atomic test site encounters a rattlesnake and shoots it, then regrets killing it.
The Island (2005) 

Two human clones escape their underground utopia and the first creature they encounter is one they've never heard of - a rattlesnake. They call it mean and leave.
The Island
Jackass Forever (2022)

A rattlesnake is used to traumatize participants in this gross-out comedy.
Snake Screenshot
Jaws of Satan (1981) 

Rattlesnakes become agressive and start killing people in a small town after a King Cobra possessed by Satan chases a Priest whose ancestors were cursed by Druids.
Jaws of Satan
Joe Dakota (1957) 

A bad man's horse is spooked by a rattlesnake and he is thrown to the ground.
Joe Dakota
Joshua (aka Black Rider) (1976) 

A man drops a rattlesnake over a cliff onto another man who gets snakebit and dies.
The Last Challenge (1967) 

A gunslinger shoots a rattlesnake for no good reason other than it dared to live on the same planet as him. Some guys just need their space.
The Last Challenge
Last of the Clintons (1935)

A man puts a rattlesnake in a cabin to kill a guy, but it kills a different guy instead. Oops.
Last of the Clintons
The Last Wagon (1956) 

A young woman hunting for edible plants puts her hand in the wrong place and gets bitten by a rattlesnake.
The Last Wagon
Lone Survivor (2013) 

A Navy Seal falls off a mountain and lands next to a rattlesnake. That would be a disaster in any other movie, but he knows the snake is not a threat, so he leaves it alone.
Lone Survivor
Lonesome Dove (1989)  

Rattlesnakes are dinner for cowboys and for pigs.
Lonesome Dove
Love at First Kill (aka The Box Collector) (2008)

A biker collects rattlesnakes and young girls but his wife and a snake kill him in the end.
Love at First Kill
Lust For Gold (1949) 

A man picks up rocks to throw at a rattlesnake and uncovers a clue that might lead him to a lost gold mine. Another man is bitten on the neck by a rattlesnake which makes him fall off a cliff.
Lust For Gold
A Man Alone (1955) 

A gunfighter sees a rattlesnake and  blows its head off for no intelligent reason because that's how the West was won.
A Man Alone
Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966)  

A family stops to rest and find themselves close to a rattlesnake, so the father shoots at it.
Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966)
The Mask of Fu Manchu (1932)

Diabolical Dr. Fu Manchu makes a mind-control serum of sacred herbs and reptiles, including a container full of baby rattlesnakes.
The Mask of Fu Manchu
Maverick (1994)

Maverick is tied up on a horse with a noose around his neck tied to a tree branch, but just in case he escapes that, his captors drop a bag full of rattlesnakes on the ground below him. And of course, he falls from the horse.
A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014)

In a comic scene, a man and woman sitting and flirting in the moonlight see a rattlensake crawl up to their feet. Instead of freaking out, they make jokes and leave it alone. There's also an animated rattlesnake door-handle in a hallucination scene and rattlesnake venom put in a hollow-tipped bullet to kill someone.
3 Idiots
The Missing (2003) 

An Indian witch hangs rattlesnakes from trees and uses their venom in his magic to murder people.
The Missing
Murders in the Zoo (1933) 

A zoo's toxicologist keeps rattlesnakes in his lab.
Murders in the Zoo
Nadine (1987)   

A box full of snake-handler rattlesnakes is used as a threat and a woman finds a rattlesnake in her bed.
Natural Born Killers (1994)  

A Navajo man who likes to hold rattlesnakes on his lap and tell snake stories, is murdered, so he gets revenge by filling a field full of rattlesnakes that bite his murderers.
Natural Born Killers
Natural Born Killers
Nowhere Land (2000)

A hiker distracts a rattlesnake from biting a woman by getting it to bite his boot.

A fleeing man's foot gets stuck between some rocks, trapping him next to several coiled rattlesnakes. When he finally moves, he is bitten and dies.
Nowhere Land
Only the Brave (2017)

A widlfire firefighter is bitten by a rattlesnake and is rushed to the hospital for treatment where one of his friends brings him the tail of the rattlesnake for luck.
Only The Brave Screenshot
Orgy of the Dead (1965)

A snake-worshipping female ghoul dances topless in a graveyard, accompanied by a rattling rattlesnake rattle.
Orgy of the Dead Screenshot
The Package (2018)

A rattlesnake bites a severed penis stored in a plastic bag that fell out of a cooler. I did not make that up.
The Package Screenshot
Phobia (1980) 

A man being treated for his fear of snakes by being forced to touch them is murdered by rattlesnake bite.
The Player (1992) 

A movie studio executive receives a rattlesnake post card then finds that someone put a real rattlesnake in his SUV to scare him and/or bite him.
The Player
Poker Run (2009) 

A camper looking for a place to go to the bathroom in the desert at night falls down next to a rattlesnake.
Poker run
Posse from Hell (1961) 

A group of murderous escaped convicts kidnap a woman and leaver her tied up next to a rattlesnake.
Posse From Hell
Prey (2022)

A rattlesnake preys on a mouse and then becomes prey itself.
Prey Screenshot
Race With the Devil (1975) 

Devil cultists put some rattlesnakes inside a Winnebago to kill some unhappy campers.
Race With the Devil
Rango (2011) 

Notorious gunfighter Rattlesnake Jake is an animated Western Diamond-backed rattlesnake.
Rattled (1996) 

Angry murderous rattlesnakes are on the rampage because people make too much noise.
(It's hard to blame them...)
Rattlers (1976) 

Mutant rattlesnakes invade a town after a rogue Army colonel contaminated them with stolen nerve gas.
Rattlesnake (2019)

Rattlesnakes that are "tools of the devil" appear and bite people.
The Rattlesnake (1913)

As two men fight over a woman, one is accidentally killed by a rattlesnake. The surviving man catches the snake and keeps it at his home. After the woman he loves marries another man, the man puts the rattlesnake in her husband's bed to try to kill him.

Ring Of Terror (1962) 

A rattlesnake crawls into a car terrifying a couple so the man tosses it out and stomps it to death.
Ring of Terror
The River's Edge (1957)

Three fugitives find a rattlesnake in a cave and shoot it, because all snakes must die!
The River's Edge
River's End (2005)

Two rattlesnakes show up in this movie. One is caught and decapitated and kept for food. Another is caught and hidden in a bag as a weapon to bite a man on his face and kill him.
River's End Screenshot

River's End Screenshot
Robinson Crusoe (1954)

While searching for gold, a mutineer finds a rattlesnake in a box full of grain. He blows its head off with a pistol and continues his plundering.
The Sadist (1963)

A leering psycho falls into an abandoned well full of rattlesnakes, and we cheer for the snakes.
The Sadist
Serena (2014) 

The boss's new wife proves her worth by importing a trained eagle to catch rattlesnakes that are biting men at his logging site.
Shalako (1968) 

Sean Connery picks up a rattlesnake and whips it to death on the ground because he's a yellow-bellied sissy who's afraid of a little ole snake.
Shotgun (1955) 

Apaches tie a man to the stakes with rawhide that slowly tightens, pulling him closer to a rattlesnake tied to a stake near his head.
Silent Predators (1999) 

Mutant rattlesnakes invade a town because the construction projects of greedy land developers woke them up out of hibernation.
Silent PredatorsLonesome Dove
Silent Tongue (1993) 

We see rattlesnakes in the background and a Native American woman roasts one on a stick and eats it.
Silent Tongue
Sisters of Death (1976)

A psycho locks a woman inside a basement room with a rattlesnake to kill her, and his crazy plan actually works.

Slipstream (2007)

A library shot of a rattlesnake shows up in the middle of this maddening attempt to illustrate insanity - or maybe the movie is just trying to drive the viewers crazy...
Six Days Seven Nights
Snakes (Fangs) (1974)  

An old snake collector kills off his enemies with rattlesnakes.
Snakes on a Plane (2006) 

A bunch of snakes are on a plane, including rattlesnakes.
Snakes on a Plane
Soldier Blue (1970) 

We see a rattlesnake crawl into a cow skull, for no obvious reason except to creep us out.
Soldier Blue
Stanley (1972)  

Tim lives in a shack in the everglades with his pet rattlesnake Stanley, Stanley's wife Hazel, and their children.
Stop Loss (2008)   

A soldier on leave picks up a rifle and shoots a rattlesnake to save his buddy. Then, like true Texans, they barbecue it and eat it.
Stop Loss
Swamp Women (1956) 

An escaped convict sitting up in a tree shoots and kills a rattlesnake in a Louisiana swamp that was threatening to bite a man tied to a tree, because all snakes want to kill you.
Swamp Women
Synchronic (2019)

A woman in the city takes a drug that takes her into a swamp in the past where a rattlesnake crawls up and bites her. No this is not really a rattlesnake, it's a live boa or python, but it has a fake rattle that makes a rattling sound and we are told that she was bitten by a rattlesnake, so here it is.
Synchronic Screenshot
Tales of Terror (1962) 

A drunk hallucinates a rattlesnake in his bed and a boa constrictor on his furniture.
Tales of Terror
The Tall Texan (1953) 

A man shoots a rattlesnake, then picks it up and uses it to whip another man.
The Tall Texan
Telefon (1977)   

Gus, a pet rattlesnake kept in glass terrarium in a Texas bar is knocked over to create a distraction and two Texas lawmen blow its head off.
The Tender Warrior (1971)

We see several snakes in a Georgia swamp. A poacher digs a pit and covers it with vegetation and puts an Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnake in it to make a trap to hurt a young boy who keeps releasing the animals he traps.
Tender Warrior Screenshot
The Terror Within (1989)

One of the last surviving humans on earth catches a rattlesnake in the desert and slices it open for food.

The Terror Within
Texas Across the River (1966) 

A Comanche medicine man intends to kill a woman with rattlesnakes in a death ceremony until fast-drawing cowboys shoot up all them nasty varmints.
Texas Across The River
Them That Follow (2019)

Members of a snake-handling church test their faith by handling venomous rattlesnakes.

Them That Follow
There Was a Crooked Man... (1970)  

An outlaw hides stolen money in a den of rattlesnakes to keep it safe, but makes a big mistake when retrieving the money.
There Was a Crooked Man...
Thomasine & Bushrod (1974)

A U.S. Marshall tortures an outlaw by hanging him over a snake pit full of rattlesnakes. When he refuses to talk, he cuts the rope to drop him into the pit.
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (2005) 

A man climbs into a hole in a rock to rest, but finds a rattlesnake inside.
3 burials of me
The Trial of Billy Jack (1974) 

Billy Jack goes on a vision quest and finds a lot of rattlesnakes in a cave that he must get past to continue on his journey.
The Trial of Billy Jack
True Grit (1969) 

A girl falls into an abandoned mine full of rattlesnakes and is rescued by a one-eyed U.S. Marshall who shoots the snakes.
True Grit
True Grit (2010) 

A girl falls into an abandoned mine full of rattlesnakes and one bites her on the hand. One-eyed Marshall Rooster Cogburn drops into the mine and shoots the snakes to rescue her.
True Grit
Two Mules for Sister Sara (1970)

A cowboy decapitates a rattlesnake. A nun shakes its rattles to scare off soldiers.Then they eat it.
2 mules for sister sara
Vanishing Point (1971) 

A man who lives in the desert collects rattlesnakes to trade for food with a group of snake-handling Christian faith-healers.
Vanishing Point
Vanishing Point (1997)

A man who lives in the desert collects rattlesnakes to trade for food with a Native American medicine man.
Vanishing Point 1997
Venomous (2001) 

Sleeping rattlesnakes made mutants by the military in Desert Storm invade a town after an earthquake wakes them up.
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007)   

 A young boy picks up a rattlesnake with his bare hand and throws it to his brother.
Walk Hard
Wanda Nevada (1979)

A young girl searching for gold in a tight space in a desert canyon squeezes her way past two rattling rattlesnakes and nobody gets hurt.
Wanda Nevada Screenshot
Westworld (1973)

At WestWorld amusement park, bar fights, saloon girls, and shooting android rattlesnakes are part of the authentic cowboy experience you paid for, until the machines go haywire.
Westworld (Season 1) (2016)

An amusement park with robot rattlesnakes and a woman with the coolest full body snake tattoo ever.
Westworld TV
White Line Fever (1975)  

Greedy corporate bosses try to kill an independent trucker by putting a rattlesnake in his truck.
White Line Fever
Wild (2014)

A woman hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is startled by a rattlesnake on the trail but sensibly just walks around it.

Wild America (1997)

Three young brothers, searching for a cave full of bears, find the cave entrance blocked by a den of rattlesnakes they must walk through.

Wild America
Wild Cactus (1993) 

A man stranded in the desert puts a rattlesnake in his bag and then tells his kidnapper his car keys are in the bag.
Wild Cactus
The Winning of Barbara Worth (1926) 

A cowboy shoots a rattlesnake for absolutely no reason because that's what movie cowboys do.
The Winning of Barbara Worth
The World's Fastest Indian (2005) 

A visiting New Zealand motorcyclist is welcomed by an American rattlesnake, fangs first.
World's Fastest Indian
The Yearling (1946)

A man doesn't watch where he puts his hand and a rattlesnake bites him so he shoots it because all snakes must die.
The Yearling
Yellowneck (1955)

Civil War Confederate soldier deserters hike through the Florida Everglades where they encounter snakes, including a "nest" of rattlesnakes whose only purpose seems to be hanging around waiting to kill them.
The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet (2013)

A boy freezes when he sees a rattlesnake near him, so his father shoots the snake.

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