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Snakes In Asian Movies

These are mostly non-English language movies made by Asian filmmakers that have snakes in them. (Not including snake films that are only located in Asia.) These movies that don't rely on CGI snakes tend to use different kinds of snakes than we see in movies made on other continents which is interesting to see. Asia is a huge continent with diverse film industries, but since I don't have enough movies on the list yet that were made by filmmakers from any individual country in Asia to justify separate lists, I'm putting them all together on this page. A lot of these movies are from India and China, but there are also movies from Cambodia, Hong Kong (which is treated separately here since many of these movies were made before Hong Kong was returned to China), Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Pakistan, The Phillipines, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching a film.

Shortcut to Movie Title

3 Idiots (2009)   India

An Indian Engineering student offers milk to a cobra in order to get a good grade in his Physics class. Who says science and superstition are uncompatible?
3 Idiots
Ankur (1974)  India

A city man sees a cobra come near him and screams for help to his country servant woman who easily scares the snake away with a stick.
The Ballad of Narayama (1983) Japan

Snakes are shown realistically as part of the natural environment.
Ballad of Narayama
Bruka Queen of Evil (1973) The Phillipines

An evil old snake woman and her young Medusa-haired ancestor use snakes to kill people.
Bruka Queen of Evil
Calamity of Snakes (1982) Taiwan

A sleazy land developer kills thousands of snakes, then thousands more snakes form an army to get revenge by killing his workers and his tenants.
Calamity of Snakes Screenshot  Calamity of Snakes Screenshot
Devi (Goddess) (1999) India

A beautiful snake goddess protects humans from themselves and from an evil snake demon.
Devil Woman (Evil Snake Girl) (1970)  The Phillipines

A woman with snakes growing out of her head can control snakes. She uses them to kill the people who killed her parents.
Devil Woman
Drunken Master (1978)

A mischievous young man uses an eel that looks like a snake to scare a girl to jump into his arms in order to win a bet.
Drunken Master II (The Legend of Drunken Master) (1994) Hong Kong

A young woman who sells snakes in an outdoor food market in China throws bags full of her snakes at soldiers, scaring them to drop their guns.
Drunken Master 2 Screenshot
Enter the Dragon (1973) Hong Kong/America

Bruce Lee finds a venomous cobra that he catches then releases into a room to scare men out so he can enter the room.
Green Snake (1993)  Hong Kong

Two ancient snake spirits turn into beautiful women who learn about human love and lust.
Green Snake
Guide (1965)  India

A woman whose husband refuses to let her dance, sneaks away and dances a snake dance with some snakecharmers.
Hisss (2010)  India

A King Cobra's male mate is kidnapped, so she turns into a beautiful Snake Woman to hunt down the kidnapper. She becmoes an enormous monster snake when she wants to kill someone.
Housefull 2 (2012)  India

A pet python bites a man's hand and won't let go, then bites another man's crotch with similar results.
Housefull 2
The Hungry Snake Woman (1986) Indonesia

To get rich, a man becomes a slave of the evil Snake Queen and her enemy the Hungry Snake Woman.
The Hungry Snake Woman
Immaculate Conception (1992) Pakistan

A Eunuch puts a snake up his nose, a man pretends to be snake-bitten to get close to a woman, and she pranks him by sending him a cobra in a basket.
Immaculate Conception Snakes
Journey to the West (2013)

As a Buddhist master lectures his disciple, he pulls the fangs out of a snake's mouth to illustrate his point.
The Killer Snakes (She sha shou) (1975)  Hong Kong

A bullied man learns he can use his pet snakes to get revenge.
The Killer Snakes
King Serpent Island (She wang dao) (2021) China

Snake-hunting gangsters working for real estate developers fight a group of environmentalists trying to protect an island that is home to a giant snake.
Kiss My Snake (2007) Thailand

Entertainers in a small village in Thailand use snakes, including King Cobras, in their acts.
Kiss My Snake
Kung Fu Hustle (2004)  Hong Kong

An incompetent assassin accidently dumps a cage full of snakes onto his partner who is bitten on the mouth by two cobras.
Kung Fu Hustle
Meltdown (High Risk aka Shu dan long wei) (1995) Hong Kong

A terrorist throws dozens of deadly snakes at a woman to terrify her into doing what he wants.
Midnight's Children (2014)  India

A man on a parade float holds a boa constrictor and sits in a room full of cobras.
Midnight's Children
Mojin: The Worm Valley [Yun nan chong gu] (2018) China

A giant monster snake guards the tomb of an ancient Emperor that holds the solution to an age old curse.
Monster Python (2018) China

A film crew using fake snake puppets to make a movie about a giant snake is unexpectedly attacked by a real giant snake.
Monster Python Screenshot
Mother India (1957) India

A young man teases girls with a snake and a woman trying to save her children in a flood is pestered by a snake.
Mother India
Mutant Python (2021) China

A secluded mountain village in China is terrorized by a giant python, so they plan to sacrifice a girl to appease it.
Naag Nagin (2008)  India

Chandini and Kuber are shape-shifting snakes. Snakecharmers play their flutes and Chandini dances until she turns into a cobra.
Naag Nagin
Naag Shakti (Nagadevathe) (2000) India

A snake goddess protects her followers and battles an evil vulture god. 
Naag Shakti
Nagin (1976) India

A group of hunters kill a male cobra, so his mate Nagin changes into a beautiful human female in order to kill each of the hunters.
Nagina (1951) India

A buffoon pretending to be blind picks up a cobra thinking it's a stick, then uses the snake bite confusion to his advantage.
Nagina (1986)  India

A virtuous snake that can change into a woman marries a man and battles various thugs and a greedy holy man to protect her husband.
Nigahen: Nagina Part II (1989)  India

Cobras guard a jewel that can make a greedy holy man powerful unless a snake woman's daughter stops him.
Nigahen Nagina
Pather Panchali (1955)  India

After a family leaves their ancestral country home to move to the city in order to survive we see a snake crawl in the front door.
Pather Panchali
Python Island (2022)   China

Villagers go to a forbidden island where they are attacked by the giant snakes that guard the island's magic plants.

Python Island Screenshot
Robo Vampire (1988)

Vampire coffins are full of snakes that keep the vampires company when they're sleeping.
Sati Naag Kanya (1983) India

A snake princess marries a prince then suffers from the curse of a snake whose husband was accidentally killed by the prince.
Sati Naag Kanya
The Serpent Warriors (1985)  Hong Kong/Taiwan/United States

A snake cult curse causes thousands of deadly snakes to attack a man who killed their cult leader, along with everyone around him.
The Serpent Warriors
Sheshnaag (1990) India

Pritam and Bano are two wish-fullfilling snakes who have changed into human form. They are pursued by the demon Aghori who wants to catch them and make himself immortal. Bhola, a snake worshipper, helps them escape, so they protect him and his sister.
Snake Girl (Kazuo Umezu's Horror Theater: The Harlequin Girl) (2005) Japan

A Japanese schoolgirl encounters snakes, snake myths, and snake people in a mountain village.
Snake Girl
The Snake Girl (1974)  Taiwan/Hong Kong/Cambodia

An evil woman throws her adopted sister into a snake pit to die but she mates with a snake and Snake Girl is born.
The Snake Girl
Snake In the Eagle's Shadow (Se ying diu sau) (1978) Hong Kong

A pet cat fights a cobra and kills it.
Snake In the Eagle's Shadow
Snaker (The Snake King's Child, aka Ghost Wife 2) (2001) Cambodia/Thailand

Soraya is the child of a woman and a snake god. She grows up to be a beautiful woman with snakes covering her head who falls in love with a mortal.
Snakes (Snake/Serpent of Death) 2018 China

An expedition to an uninhabited island to search for a plant with miraculous healing powers encounters giant monster snakes.
Snake Woman's Curse (Kaidan hebi-onna) (1968) Japan

A feudal landlord and his family are tormented by the curse of a woman they abused.
Snake Woman's Curse
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring (2003) South Korea

A boy tortures a snake and an old monk is re-incarnated as a snake.
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring
Tears of the Black Tiger (2000) Thailand

Instead of shooting his opponent, a gunfighter shoots a snake on a branch over his head, to save his life.
Tears of the Black Tiger
A Touch of Sin (Tian zhu ding) (2013) China

A woman sits on display inside an open glass box with snakes at her feet outside it.
A Touch of Sin

Tyranno's Claw (Tirannoui baltob) (1994) Korea

A caveman finds a nest full of eggs in a tree. When he starts eating them a snake climbs down and kills him.

Snake Screenshot
The White Balloon (1995) Iran

A 7-year-old girl is harassed by snake charmers.
The White Balloon
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