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Snake Girl (Kazuo Umezu's Horror Theater: The Harlequin Girl) (2005)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Snake Girl Snake Girl Snake Girl
Snake Girl Snake Girl Snake Girl
Snake Girl Snake Girl Snake Girl
Snake Girl Snake Girl Snake Girl
Snake Girl Snake Girl Snake Girl
Snake Girl Snake Girl Snake Girl
Snake Girl Snake Girl Snake Girl
The plot of this strange Japanese TV movie is not easy to follow. It's about a young Japanese schoolgirl Yumiko who witnesses a murder at her school in Tokyo and is sent away to her aunt and uncle who live in a mountain village. Their little daughter Mariko is blind from a poisonous snake bite. She sings a song that's a charm to avoid snakes. Yumiko makes friends with her cousin Kyoko, who tells her weird things about snakes, like Mariko's song, that if you step on a shed snake skin your legs will rot, and that there's a prophecy that a snake will ruin the village. Kyoko takes Yumiko to a shaman's house, then disappears. A snake woman appears but Yumiko sings Mariko's song and she disappears. Then Yumiko is surrounded by snakes. The snake woman re-appears and bites her on the calf. Kyoko returns and sucks the poison from Yumiko's leg. Kyoko tells Yumiko that her teeth are growing into fangs and she's becoming a snake woman. Villagers come and accuse her of being a snake woman, and she is chased by a crowd of villagers who have been bitten by the snake woman, including her aunt and uncle. Then it gets harder to follow. There's someone wrapped up like a snake at the shaman's house to be sacrificed to the snake god, then Kyoko comes in, changes into a large snake, and tries to swallow Yumiko. She wants to take her identiy and go live in Tokyo. When Yumiko is willing to be swallowed, that seems to break the curse, and Kyoko returns to her human form. Yumiko is no longer turning into a snake woman, and apparently, neither is Kyoko, but I'm not sure about that. But the ending seems to be happy

A few real snakes appear here and there, including at the murder scene in Tokyo and in the shaman's house.