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The Blood of Fu Manchu (1968)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
The Blood of Fu Manchu The Blood of Fu Manchu The Blood of Fu Manchu
The Blood of Fu Manchu The Blood of Fu Manchu The Blood of Fu Manchu
The Blood of Fu Manchu The Blood of Fu Manchu The Blood of Fu Manchu
The Blood of Fu Manchu The Blood of Fu Manchu
The Blood of Fu Manchu The Blood of Fu Manchu
Snakes are an integral part of the plot of this cheesy Christopher Lee crime/adventure tale.

As he always does, the diabolical madman Fu Machu (played by British actor Christopher Lee) wants to take over the world with the help of his equally evil daughter. This time he plans to do it with the secrets of a lost ancient civilzation that he found in a temple in their lost city somewhere in a South American jungle. Those ancient people distilled the most deadly poison ever known.

Fu Manchu and his daughter capture a bevy of beautiful women and keep them chained in a dungeon. Each woman is "inoculated" by the bite of a venomous snake pulled from a chamber full of snakes and what looks like dry ice smoke. (Both times we see a snake supposedly biting a woman, the snake does not cooperate. It doesn't even open its mouth. It only tries to avoid the woman.) Females are immune to the ancient poison in the snake venom but when they kiss a man on the lips he immediately goes blind then dies six weeks later or on the full moon or whatever - the details get a bit confused in the script, but all you really need to understand is that the women have "the kiss of death."

The innoculated women are sent out across the world to kill Fu Manchu's enemies, preparing for his world donimation, but there always seem to be plenty of scantily-clad women in bondage in the dungeon to engage the audience's attention. Besides his army of female assassins, Fu Manchu also has plans to distribute some kind of poisonous cloud that can kill people, which he plans to demonstrate in order to force the world to bow to his will. We see a bunch of women packing snakes in jars as part of that plan.

In another scene, we see a snake that is not part of Fu Manchu's evil plot. It's just a Boa Constrictor wrapped around a tree in the jungle. Carl, the explorer who is the hero of the movie, takes out his pistol and shoots the snake for no reason, just because that's what tough guys do in movies. The only good snake is a dead snake. But if you look at the snake post-gunshot, it's still alive and not wounded, so apparently the producers were too cheap to bother to use dead snake special effects.

Fu Manchu captures Carl and plans to kill him with a bite to the lips from one of the venomous snakes, which we are told will kill a man directly, but Carl escapes as heroes tend to do, and Fu Manchu also seems to escape, as he always does, so he can come back in another movie.

The movie was shot in Spain and Rio de Janeiro, so the snakes used could be old world or new world. The lighting and focus are poor, so I can't identify any of them other than the boa constrictor and what might be Brazilian rainbow boas.