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Cold Creek Manor (2003)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Cold Creek Manor Cold Creek Manor Cold Creek Manor
Cold Creek Manor Cold Creek Manor Cold Creek Manor
This is a drama or mystery that is part horror movie, and it has a couple of snake scenes, including a long one that might be one of the most unintentionally funny snake scenes in a movie. Sharon Stone and Dennis Quaid get tired of living in New York City so they buy a large old house in the country that they get cheap because the former owner (Stephen Dorff) didn't pay his mortgage because he was in jail. Dorff gets out of jail and visits them soon after they move in and asks for a job helping them fix up the house. We can see from the beginning he'll be trouble, and does turn out to be a psycopathic murderer, but at least he knows his snakes. When several kids are in the pool (including 12-year-old Kristen Stewart) they find a snake in the water and run screaming. Dorff walks into the pool and picks up the snake telling them it's harmless, then he takes it to them and tries to teach them how to recognize a venomous snake. He says to be careful of snakes with triangle heads - they're poisonous, then he takes the snake somewhere to let it go. That sequence was believable and even commendable for Dorff's actions. But the next snake scene is absurd, as most of them are.
Cold Creek Manor Cold Creek Manor Cold Creek Manor
Cold Creek Manor Cold Creek Manor Cold Creek Manor
Cold Creek Manor Cold Creek Manor Cold Creek Manor
Cold Creek Manor Cold Creek Manor Cold Creek Manor
Cold Creek Manor Cold Creek Manor Cold Creek Manor
We see a milk snake crawling under some plastic sheeting on a ceiling being repaired. Then we see a Gray-band Kingsnake crawling next to a boy's bed. Then there's a Boa Constrictor under Sharon Stone's covers and a snake under the refrigeratior and before we know it the whole house is full of snakes and everybody is running around screaming and making over-the-top scared-of-a-snakes faces. There's a Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnake in one room, a Boa Constrictor in another room, a python striking up at the camera in another room, and then the milk snake we saw previously falls on Dennis Quaid who completely freaks out.

Besides the rattlesnake, all the snakes are totally harmless, so it's funny to watch the family panic if you know that, but probably not so much fun if you're afraid of snakes. The family all somehow finds their way to the roof where they lock the door thinking they'll be safe. (I guess they didn't think about just walking out the front door.) But then a snake comes under door to the roof. Dennis Quaid picks up a roof tile or something and decapitates it. Then Dorff shows up and rescues them, but Quaid is certain that Dorff put the snakes there and fires him. Later on when Quaid directly accuses him of filling the house with snakes, Dorff doesn't deny it and challenges him to prove it. Then Dorff goes even crazier, and the violence escalates, but none of that involves any more snakes. The movie might be worth seeing for the snakes-in-the-house scene, and all of the over-the-top acting that goes with the snakes, but not much else.

All of the snakes we see appear to be real live snakes except the snake that crawls under the door to the roof. I think at first it's a computer-generated effect, then the use a prop snake.