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The Terror Within (1989)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
The Terror Within The Terror Within The Terror Within
The Terror Within The Terror Within The Terror Within
  The Terror Within  
This is a post-apocalyptic thriller, produced by notorious horror schlockmeister Roger Corman, but instead of dealing much with the disaster and survival, it turns into a blood-and-gore monster movie that owes more than a little to the movie "Alien."

A handful of people are living in a Mojave Center for Disease Control underground compound after they were able to make an antidote to a plague that escaped a laboratory and killed 99 percent of the people on Earth. The few survivors are terrorized by gargoyle monsters. The origin and history of the gargoyles is never explained. Much of the movie takes place with the CDC people fighting off a gargoyle within the underground compound. It was born inside to a pregnant female they brought into the compound who was impregnated by a gargoyle. The gargoyle young gestate in only a day or so, then kill their host by ripping her open when they are born. I wouldn't advise that you watch this movie if you are pregnant.

At the very beginning of the movie we see two CDC workers walking through the desert above the bunker searching for animals to kill for food. We hear a rattlesnake rattling then we see a rattlesnake crawling. One of the men takes a snake hook and pins the snake behind the head then picks the snake up by the neck. Then we see him cutting open the snake's belly with a knife. Talking on the radio he tells a woman in the bunker that they bagged a rattlesnake. She says: "Great get another one and we can have a barbecue." Then she says "Remember, it..." and she and her bunker boyfriend say in unison "...tastes like chicken!"

I'm pretty sure the rattlesnake is a Southern Pacific Rattlesnake. It's alive when we see it being pinned. The snake that is sliced open appears to be a real one, though they probably cut open a dead snake and used fake blood.