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Fools Rush In (1997)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Fools Rush In Fools Rush In Fools Rush In
Fools Rush In Fools Rush In Fools Rush In
Fools Rush In Fools Rush In Fools Rush In
Fools Rush In Fools Rush In Fools Rush In
Fools Rush In Fools Rush In Fools Rush In
Fools Rush In Fools Rush In Fools Rush In
Fools Rush In Fools Rush In Fools Rush In
Fools Rush In Fools Rush In Fools Rush In

This is a romantic comedy with a comic scene that uses rattlesnakes. Salma Hayek is Isabel and Matthew Perry is Alex. They meet at a Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas and after learning of her talents in the bathroom, he can't help but fall for her. They spend one night together, then never see each other until three months later she finds him to tell him she's pregnant. After they get married, she tells her five brothers and cousins and her ex-boyfriend to take him out in the desert to shoot something. Everyone has a rifle except Alex. He lives in Manhattan so he's enjoying being outdoors and skips down a hillside talking about how much he likes the rocks, the open space, the view, the birds...then he stops and we hear the sound of snakes rattling, and he says "the snakes..." When the others hear the word snakes, one of them yells "cascabeles" which means "rattlesnakes." (They're all Mexican-Americans.) The ex-boyfriend, Chuy, who Alex thinks wants to kill him, tells Alex not to move and points his rifle at him. Then the other guys point their rifles and Alex panics. With cliche bullfighting music in the background and all those improbable clicking sounds we always hear when we see guns in movies, on the count of three they all shoot at the snakes and blow them to kingdom come. Alex understandably freaks out, jumps up and down, and finally falls over the edge into a big patch of cactus, which we don't see until after they bring him home drunk and Isabel has to pick out the spines.

As usual there are some things wrong with the snake scene. Rattlesnakes don't just lie around coiled up on the ground together in the desert in the open sun, and most of the snakes we see are fake or stuffed snakes. There is one live rattlesnake we see in library footage, but I'm not sure if it's a species that is found in the Nevada desert. It looks more like an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake than a Western Diamondback, but it's close enough. At least the snakes we see shot to death and blown up by some kind of explosive effects up are not live snakes.

You can watch the scene on YouTube if it's still there.