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The Far Side of Jericho (2006)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
The Far Side of Jericho The Far Side of Jericho The Far Side of Jericho
The Far Side of Jericho The Far Side of Jericho The Far Side of Jericho
The Far Side of Jericho The Far Side of Jericho The Far Side of Jericho
This is a low-budget western with some good New Mexico scenery and a bunch of inexperienced actors who look right for their parts. I thought that it would be worth watching because there were three women protagonists, since there are few westerns with good roles for women, but that didn't help. It passes the Bechdel Test for the active presence of women in movies, but that doesn't mean it's any good. I also watched this because there were rattlesnakes in it, which proves that's not always the best way to choose a good movie.

The snake scenes aren't very elaborate but the second one was very unusual and very funny, but probably terrifying to people who don't like going to the bathroom outdoors.

The Thornton brothers are a gang of three outlaws who were caught by some Pinkerton detectives after they robbed a bank and hid the money. When we see them escorted into the town of Jericho to be hung, we see a rattlesnake crawling on main street. While there is no follow-up on that rattlesnake, we do see another one later.

The three Thornton wives watch the hangings in town then return to the ranch where they all live together. The town's villianous banker and corrupt sheriff send a bunch of mean, drunken vigilantes to catch the three Thornton widows in order to force them to tell where their husbands hid the bank money, but before they can do that the women shoot it out with them then get on their horses and ride away. That starts the chase part of the movie which is mostly chase. Besides the posse following the women, there's also a corrupt preacher and his gang of Mexicans, a couple of Pinkerton detectives, a band of Apaches, and a fourth Thornton brother nobody knew was alive, all chasing after them to find out where the money is hidden. They get shot at and tortured along the way. In a really crazy twist, the women keep seeing and talking to the ghosts of their dead husbands.

While camped out one night, one of the women leaves to go to the bathroom. As she pulls up all her dresses and squats, the ghost of her husband warns her not to pee on the sidewinder that's under some greasewood below her. She jumps up in fear of the rattlesnake and then stares in surprise at the ghost, who she hasn't seen before. Then she gets jealous of the woman ghost who is with him.

Even though the habitat and location is wrong for a sidewinder, at least the movie uses a real sidewinder in the scene, or an appropriate-looking dummy. The first rattlesnake we see in town looks like a Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnake, a native to the area.