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Orgy of the Dead (1965)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
If you enjoy watching women dancing topless at night in a graveyard, this one's for you - that describes the majority of the move. In the genre "nudie cuties" it's nothing more than an excuse to ogle topless dancing women. That's not something I'm opposed to, but here it quickly gets tiresome.

Ten young women portray ten dead ghouls who dance (to different music) to entertain "The Emperor of the Night" and if he's not pleased with their performance, he will banish their souls to everlasting damnation. Tough audience.

The Emperor is played by the Amazing Criswell, a flamboyant celebrity psychic who predicted that pigs would fly, brain transplants would be available from vending machines, and the world would end in 1999. I'm still waiting for my flying pig... The script was written by the notorious Ed Wood, director of Plan 9 From Outer Space, considered one of the worst movies ever made, and also featuresE Criswell.

The Emperor sits down under a full moon and watches the dancers with The Black Ghoul (Fawn Silver) who is the MC for the show. We also see a mummy and a wolf man who add their comments, and a man and a woman tied to stakes and forced to watch the dancing. I sympathized with their ordeal, and considered that maybe eternal damnation would be less painful than watching the movie. They're a couple who are responsible for the loose storyline. He's a horror story writer looking for a cemetery to give him inspiration who crashed his car near the cemetery and then was abducted and forced to watch.

Orgy of the Dead Screenshot Orgy of the Dead Screenshot Orgy of the Dead Screenshot Orgy of the Dead Screenshot
1) The Black Ghoul snaps her fingers, and another woman dances, then removes her clothing, and continues dancing in just a thong. 2) Black Ghoul: "With the loss of her lover, this one cast herself into the volcano's fire." 3) The volcano woman continues dancing.
If she doesn't please the Emperor of the Night, he will banish her soul to everlasting damnation, so she gives it all she's got.
4) We briefly see a rattlesnake tail and hear it rattling. What does this have to do with the dancing?
Orgy of the Dead Screenshot Orgy of the Dead Screenshot Orgy of the Dead Screenshot Orgy of the Dead Screenshot
5) And back to the woman dancing. 6) Here's the same rattling tail again. Is the snake grooving to the cheesy exotica music? 7) The monstrous ghoul keeps shaking her stuff for the Emperor and the rest of us pervs watching.

8) Emperor of the Night: "She was?"
Black Ghoul: "As I said, a worshiper of snakes, and of smoke, and flames."
Emperor of the Night: "Oh yes a religion of sorts."
Black Ghoul: "It would seem so master."

Orgy of the Dead Screenshot Orgy of the Dead Screenshot Orgy of the Dead Screenshot Orgy of the Dead Screenshot
9) More bumping and grinding. She's not tired yet.
Isn't she getting cold out there with nothing on?
10) The rattling tail again. Couldn't they afford a shot of the whole snake, or at least the snake's head? 11) More dancing, writhing, and jiggling,
for the creepy old dude.
12) Mummy: "I don't like snakes. I remember the one Cleopatra used. Cute little rascal until it flicked out that red tongue and those two sharp fangs. You'd never think such a little thing packs such a huge wallop."
Wolfman: Growls
Mummy: "Hurt her? Hell, it killed her!"
Orgy of the Dead Screenshot Orgy of the Dead Screenshot Orgy of the Dead Screenshot Orgy of the Dead Screenshot
13) Still more dancing...
She must be getting tired by now. I know I am.
14) Mummy: "We had lots of snakes in my ancient Egypt. Slimy, slinky things."
Wolfman: Howls
Mummy: "When I was alive, they were the things nightmares were made of."
15) Emperor of the Night: "She pleases me. Permit her to live in the world of the snakes."

16) Finally she dances back into the fog to her happy ending - living in the world of snakes, with no eternal damnation.

Finally the reason I'm wasting my time on the movie - the snake scene, which is not really much of a snake scene. We see a woman dancing to some exotica jazz. She's listed in the credits as "Hawaiian Dance - Mickey Jines." We learn she was a snake worshipper before she jumped into a volcano. (That's a stretch because there are no snakes in Hawaii.) Her dancing is intercut several times with the same library shot of a rattlesnake rattling, with no indication where the snake is or why we only see the tail. I decided that it must be because the snake is rattling along with the music, which would actually be very silly and very cool if it's true. We also hear some comments about the dancer and about snakes in the mummy's ancient Egypt.

You can watch the whole uncensored movie at The - if you dare. The snake dancer begins at 51:16.