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Snaker (aka The Snake King's Child aka Ghost Wife 2) (Kuon puos keng kang) (2001)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Snaker Snaker Snaker
Snaker Snaker Snaker
Snaker Snaker Snaker
Snaker Snaker Snaker
Snaker Snaker Snaker
Snaker Snaker Snaker
This is a Cambodian-Thai movie based on a Cambodian folk tale. Some of it is even filmed in Cambodia at Angkor Wat. There are not many snakes in the movie, but there are a lot of snake scenes, including love scenes, and it has the best Gorgon (snake-hair) make-up effects I've ever seen. According to Wickipedia they couldn't afford digital effects so they glued live snakes to a wig. That's true, you can see some live snakes, but it makes me wonder how many of them were injured or killed. You can also see some very obvious rubber or otherwise fake snakes mixed in with the live snakes. Since this film is probably not available for many people to see, I'm going to talk about the entire plot here so you are hereby Spoiler Alerted.

A country woman named Nhi in the forest with her husband encounters a large Burmese Python which shoots rays from its eyes into hers and knocks her out. Then she goes out to dig bamboo shoots with her daughter, but the metal spade falls off its handle into the snake's den. He tells her that if she wants her spade back, she has to love him and be his wife. She agrees but grabs the spade and runs away. He crawls into her bedroom at night, changes into human form, and, as we hear what must be the Cambodian equivalent of a Barry White song playing in the background, he shows that he truly is a "throbbing python of love." Nhi wakes up with a big smile on her face fondling the snake. There are several scenes of her holding and kissing the snake who is much nicer and more attractive than her crude drunken husband, but her daughter knows something is wrong with the situation. The husband leaves on business and Nhi takes advantage of his absence to spend lots of time with the snake, sending her daughter into the forest to call him. Eventually her daughter rats on her mom to her husband. He kills the snake and cooks it for dinner, then in a fit of anger he takes Nhi to a river and stabs her in her pregnant belly and kills her, then chops up all the bloody baby snakes that pour out of her womb. But he notices that one snake escaped and trys to kill it but he slips and falls and is impaled on a branch and dies. Then his daughter falls and hits her head on a rock and dies. Now everybody is conveniently out of the way. Funny how that happened.

A monk finds the escaped snake which turns into a baby with a blast from a ray from the sun, and he names her Soraya which means Sun. Then we see Soraya about 10 years later with Gorgon snake hair. She tries to play with 3 other kids but they reject her and tear off her headcovering, shocked to see that her head is covered with snakes. She runs home crying and asks the monk why she is so different. She tells him she wants to get rid of the snakes. He says he'll do that when she's grown up.

Then 10 years later, we see the same 3 kids grown up, Veha, his fiance, and her brother. The two men get into a fight and Veha is pushed over a waterfall and is thought to be dead, but Soraya, who has grown into a real beauty, finds him and she and the monk nurse him back to health. The monk gives Soraya a magic ring that she uses to replace her Gorgon snakes with a real head of hair which she shakes around like a woman in a shampoo commercial. Needless to say, Veha falls for her and they spend a lot of time bathing in the river and eating fruit until, with the monk's permission, Veha takes her to his home. He lives a life of luxury and no work like most people in movies and his father accepts Soraya into the household. Veha's fiance and her evil mother find out that he is still alive and come visit. They immediately see that he's in love with Soraya and begin to plot to get rid of her. They visit a witch who tells them Soraya is a snake and that if she loses her virginity she loses her powers and changes back into a snake, so the girl's brother breaks into Soraya's bedroom and tries to rape her. As she resists, her Gorgon hair comes back and a snake appears and bites and kills him.

Eventually, Soraya proves too much for Veha to resist and he comes into her room late at night and practically commands her to have sex with him. Afterwards, her skin starts changing into snake skin and she runs in fear back to the monk. As the monk is trying to help her, the witch comes and she and the monk fight with magic powers until the witch is killed and the monk badly wounded. Then out of nowhere, the Snake King, who was hacked to death back in the beginning, shows up and convinces the monk to sacrifice both of their lives to make Soray human. She loses her scaley skin and she and Veha live happily ever after. The end. Just like in a fairly tale, which, of course, it is.

Besides the real snakes on the Gorgon head, which I know nothing about, although they are similar to garter snakes, we see a very large tame Burmese Python, which is pet and cuddled and picked up by Soraya's mother, and a couple of other small snakes.