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The Hungry Snake Woman (1986)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
The Hungry Snake Woman The Hungry Snake Woman The Hungry Snake Woman
The Hungry Snake Woman The Hungry Snake Woman The Hungry Snake Woman
The Hungry Snake Woman The Hungry Snake Woman The Hungry Snake Woman

This is an outrageous Indonesian snake woman fantasy movie that's a sequel to a 1982 movie "The Snake Queen." It's much different from the religious Indian snake woman fantasy movies - much more shocking and bloodier - and without the singing and dancing. This one has snakes exploding out of men's chests, snakes used as arrows with a snake bow and shot through a woman's breast, attempted rape (by the "hero"!) vampires, cannibalism, and some torture where a bound woman gets whipped by the Snake Woman's tail. The effects are not very special, the fight scenes are cheesy, and there's plenty of totally gratuitous female flesh and dirty dancing thrown into the mix along with some romantic comedy and hilariously cheesy Snake Queen sex situations.

There are two snake women, both of them evil and bloodthirsty. One, the Snake Queen, looks like a woman and lives in a cave full of gold where she lies around on a throne attended to by a group of beautiful female escorts. She flies around through the air in a horse-drawn chariot decorated with snakes. She demands blood sacrifices in return for making people rich because she needs the blood to remain young and beautiful. The second one, the evil Hungry Snake Woman, was turned into a snake by the Snake Queen. She has the head and arms of a woman, with the body of a gigantic snake, and she's wants to get revenge against the Snake Queen. The movie climaxes with a big fight between them and between their two men and their henchmen.