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Guide (1965)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Guide Guide Guide
Guide Guide Guide
This is one of the classics of Indian cinema, filmed in brilliant Kodak color. Like many Indian movies it doesn't stick to one particular genre - it's part love story, part social drama, part tragedy, part dance musical, and part spiritual message movie as the tourist guide becomes a spiritual guide.

Waheeda Rehman plays Rosy, the daughter of a prostitute who is forced to marry to improve her social standing. She travels to the romantic tourist destination of Udaipur with her new husband, but he leaves her with the tourist guide he hired in order to indulge his archeological interests by exploring a distant temple cave for several days. Angry and forced to go sightseeing on her own, she asks the guide Raju, Dev Anand, if there is a hamlet of snakecharmers where she can watch a snake dance. She loves to dance but her husband refuses to let her do so because it is scandalous for respectable women to dance. (She becomes a great and famous dancer later on.)  At the village we see Rosy sitting down watching a woman dancing in front of an erect cobra in a basket. Rosy jumps up and joins in, taunting the cobra and doing the snake dance with the other woman until she drops from exhaustion. This scene shows us that she is a great dancer and it shows her future love interest Raju how passionate she is about her dancing.