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Nigahen: Nagina Part II (1989)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Nigahen Nagina Nagina Nigahen Nagina
Nigahen Nagina Nigahen Nagina Nigahen Nagina
Nigahen Nagina Nigahen Nagina Nigahen Nagina
Nigahen Nagina Nigahen Nagina Nigahen Nagina
Nigahen Nagina Nigahen Nagina Nigahen Nagina
This is a sequel by the same director to the 1986 hit movie Nagina starring Bollywood actress Sridevi as the snake woman, Rajini. Sridevi also stars in this one as the 19-year-old daughter of Rajini named Neelam, who looks exactly like her mother, for obvious reasons. This movie also uses the same sets and even the same music as Nagina. The plot, including the villain's obsession and the climactic snake charmer dance and fight at the end, are all the same as in Nagina, too. The main difference here is that Neelam doesn't shape shift into a snake, although her husband Anand does. There is even the same side plot where a family friend of the Grandfather, who thinks he should marry Neelam, tries to kill her lover before they can marry.

Even though the last frame of Nagina tells us they lived happily ever after, Neelam's mother Rajini and father Raju both died in a car accident. Her grandfather took her to the city for 18 years and brings her back to the family's country mansion at the beginning of the movie. As she sleeps, Neelam is hypnotized by one of the two good guard cobras who guard a sacred jewel that is lusted after by an evil power-hungry Tantrik monk named Goraknath. Goraknath worships a statue of the evil power-hungry Tantrik monk from Nagina who lusted after the same jewel and died by snake bite in that movie. If Goraknath gets the jewel, he can rule the world. (Evil laughter.) Goraknath commands his disciples to capture thousands of snakes every day in his search for the jewel-guarding cobras, but they never find them. These guard cobras are characters just as much as the people in the movie, and Goraknath also has a cobra that he controls for his evil purposes. The guard snakes seem to be watching all of the action from underneath planters in the house or up in trees outside and climb in and out of windows at will. They even hitch a ride on a car's bumper. When Neelam comes for the first time the snakes look back and forth at her, at her mother's picture, and at each other, so we get the impression that even they are surprised by the similarity in appearance.

Neelam meets Anand, the neighboring land owner and farmer. She scolds him because he disappeared and left his mother alone for 15 years, but she doesn't know that during that time he was turned into a snake by Goraknath and kept in a basket. Anand and Neelam fall in love and prepare to get married, but Goraknath turns Anand into a cobra again and keeps him in a jar because Anand was not supposed to fall in love with Neelam, he was only supposed to use her to find the jewel. Rajini's picture on the wall comes to life and instructs the guard cobras to let Neelam touch the sacred jewel to give her the same snake superpowers that Rajini had. With those powers Neelam can battle Goraknath and save Anand. These superpowers include the ability to stop a bullet in her bare hand, and telekinetic powers such as the ability to explode skulls and make objects fly around a room. She fights Goraknath, whose men play their flutes and force her to change into a slinky gold snake-woman outfit and writhe around on the floor and do a climactic snake song and dance. This is always the best part of these movies, and this is a good one thanks to Sridevi. You can watch the dance on YouTube.
Nigahen Nagina Nigahen Nagina Nigahen Nagina
The bloody cobra fight in Nagina was between a good cobra and a bad one. In this sequel the good cobra fights a mongoose that was manifested by the magic powers of the greedy holy man Goraknath. In these fights, the mongoose usually wins, and I'd hate to be the cobra in this real fight, but in the movie Neelam uses her powers to stop the mongoose and save her cobra. Nevertheless, this is another needless violent example of what we now consider to be animal abuse, by forcing two animals to fight for our entertainment.