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Tears of the Black Tiger (2000)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Tears of the Black Tiger Tears of the Black Tiger Tears of the Black Tiger Tears of the Black Tiger
Tears of the Black Tiger Tears of the Black Tiger Tears of the Black Tiger Tears of the Black Tiger
This is a bizarre psychedelic mixture of an extremely violent western and a romance, made in Thailand. It's considered a parody of the genres, with absurd action scenes in which a gunman shoots and kills ten guys who are shooting right at him but he never catches a single bullet, or a man shot with a rocket propelled grenade who goes airborn, catches fire, and explodes.

The anti-hero of the movie is Dum, nicknamed "The Black Tiger." He has loved a woman named Rumpoey since they were kids. But he's a peasant and she's the Governor's daughter, so a marriage is impossible. He carries around a harmonica she gave him wrapped in one of her handkerchiefs. He was held back in his studies by upper class bullies and kicked out of school. With no other options available, he joined a gang of bandits.

Mahesuan, a fellow bandit, is jealous of Dum's high status with the boss bandit, so he steals Dum's handkerchief and harmonica and refuses to give it back, demanding they have a gunfight to prove which one of them is the best gunfighter. Dum draws his gun and shoots all his bullets so quickly that Mahesuan never has a chance to fire. Mahesuan can't believe that he's not dead. As he's checking himself to see if any of the bullets hit him, a snake falls out of a tree onto his hat. He looks up to see that the snake's head is blown off then screams and throws it to the ground. Dum tells him that he saw the snake in the tree waiting to bite him (sigh, because all movie snakes want to do is kill people). Mahesuan thanks Dum for saving his life. (In a shootout where they were trying to kill each other...) They go to a buddha statue, light some incense and swear to be bloodbrothers. They cut their arms and pour the blood into glasses of booze. As they drink from the glasses and laugh, blood dripping down their faces, we see a snake's head inside the eye of the buddha statue, then the body of the snake crawling out of the eye hole. I have no idea what that means. Maybe it's a reminder of the snake Dum shot.

The snake in the statue appears to be a real one. The snake Dum decapitates appears to be a mixture of a fake snake prop and a computer-generated effect.