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Snake In the Eagle's Shadow  (Se ying diu sau) (1978)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Snake In the Eagle's Shadow Snake In the Eagle's Shadow Snake In the Eagle's Shadow
Snake In the Eagle's Shadow Snake In the Eagle's Shadow Snake In the Eagle's Shadow
In one of his early martial arts comedies, Jackie Chan's character finds his pet cat fighting a cobra and cheers him on until the snake is dead. A cat really fights a cobra here, but we don't know the true outcome. We see the snake retreat, then there's a cut to a shot of a dead snake next to the cat. We don't know if the cat killed the snake or if it's a different snake dead on the floor. The fight is a martial arts lesson for Chan's character. He holds up the cat's paw and concludes that he should combine a cat's claws with the style of martial arts he has been studying, called "Snake's Fist."

I've seen video of fights betweens cats and snakes on YouTube, but they were real fights, not fights that were set up just for a movie. You might say that things were different in 1978 or that I have no right to judge the culture of another country, but however you try to cover up or justify animal cruelty, it's absolutely horrible to treat animals this way just for our entertainment.

Watch the fight on YouTube