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Green Snake (1993)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Green Snake Green Snake Green Snake
Green Snake Green Snake
Green Snake Green Snake
Green Snake Green Snake Green Snake
This film is a Hong Kong movie that takes place in a mythical universe with non-human spirits, blind and bald monks who try to destroy the non-humans, and crazy camera moves and zooms from all angles. There are quite a few movies in this genre, but this is the only one I remember that has snakes. It's a combination of a wuxia fiction, where an honorable hero fights evil and injustice, and a dream-like fairy tale or ghost story, and it's based on a Chinese folk tale called Madam White Snake or The Legend of the White Snake. As is typical in these films, people fly through the air, make it rain, walk on air and water, shoot fire from their sleeves, start floods, and cast spells by waving their arms around and making what look like gang signs with their hands. You have to suspend all sorts of disbeliefs in the laws of physics and nature to watch this one, but the two hot actresses will take your mind off that.

The main characters are White Snake and Green Snake, two ancient snake spirit sisters who transform into humans, which is smart because we see in the movie that everybody hates snakes but loves beautiful women. (There is even a dragon festival where men chant about beating snakes and sell a special wine that will kill snake-humans.) They're not used to having a straight backbone, so the girls walk with a very exaggerated wiggle, which drives the boys crazy. Like most snakes, they get lazy and sleepy in the winter. We don't see much of them in their snake forms, and when we do the snake special effects are not very good, but with actresses this beautiful nobody wants to see them as snakes. White Snake has been studying to become human for a thousand years so she knows more about them than Green Snake who has only studied for 500 years, so while white Snake quickly settles down with a human man, Green Snake fools around like a child and enjoys changing between her snake and woman forms and can't understand human passion or what it means to tell a lie. She likes to slide around on her belly, chase rats, and eat flies out of the air (more like a lizard than a snake.) When some Indian women are doing a snake dance (the kind you see in Indian Nagin, or snake woman, movies) she suddenly appears and does a sexy naked snake dance of her own, wrapping herself around the main dancer.

There's also a very powerful master Buddhist monk who can fly, walk on water, stop floods, and sense non-humans that he destroys, but he lets the snakes live when he sees them protecting a woman who is giving birth in a bamboo forest and later when they help him stop a flood. The monk has rid himself of most human passions, but that doesn't stop long-tailed monkey women from tempting him while he meditates or Green Snake from seducing him under a waterfall. His spiritual goal is to ascend beyond his flawed emotional human form, but ultimately he discovers that right and wrong are not always as clear as he believes. If it comes to choosing between the disastrous results of his moral actions and the actions of the snake women, I think most of us will side with the women.

Here's a YouTube clip of Green Snake in human form but moving like a snake.