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Sati Naag Kanya (1983)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Sati Naag Kanya Sati Naag Kanya Sati Naag Kanya Sati Naag Kanya
This is a Hindu religious movie about a wife's devotion to her husband and her religion and the battle of good and evil, with lots of dancing. I have to admit I had trouble understanding, probably because I'm not familiar with the religion and its characters, like the old man god with three heads and three long beards and the god with a cobra permanently wrapped around his neck. Unlike the other Indian snake woman movies I've seen, this one is not about the struggles of a woman being a snake among humans. A snake is just what she is and the plot isn't concerned with it.

Sati Naag Kanya Sati Naag Kanya Sati Naag Kanya Sati Naag Kanya

The devoted wife is a snake princess. We see a snake on the floor of a temple in the very first frame of the movie that changes into the princess Sulochana, a devotee of Vishnu. There is a snake dance in her father's palace which is decorated with many cobras, then there is only one snake-related event after that as she stays in her human form.

Sati Naag Kanya Sati Naag Kanya Sati Naag Kanya Sati Naag Kanya
Sati Naag Kanya Sati Naag Kanya Sati Naag Kanya Sati Naag Kanya
Meghanath becomes Sulochana's husband after he wins a target-shooting contest for her hand in marriage. He sleeps in a bed that looks like a coiled cobra with a bunch of heads. They are drive in his chariot when they accidentally run over a cobra in the road. Later the cobra's wife visits Sulochana and tells her she will bite and kill her husband the prince and then she puts a curse on Solochana. Bad things start happening to Sulochana, but it's not clear just how much it's related to the snake curse. Meghanath tells her that if the snake bites him a hundred times he will not die because he is immortal.