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Devi (Goddess) (1999)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Devi Devi Devi
Devi Devi Devi
Devi Devi Devi
Devi Devi Devi
Devi Devi Devi
Devi Devi
Devi Devi
This is one crazy Indian snake movie, part musical, part romantic comedy, part religious lesson, and part martial arts movie, made in South India in the Telugu language.

Most Indian snake woman movies have a beautiful woman who changes into a cobra when she wants to, and she sings and dances, but she's usually out to kill people as revenge for killing her mate, and snake charmers try to stop her. Devi is a beautiful snake goddess who sometimes sings and dances, but she's protecting her worshippers with her magic powers. She comes to earth with several serpent girls, beamed down as snakes from a huge snake space ship. During a lunar eclipse Devi gets attacked by an evil snake demon, Dantra. A human man saves her life so Dantra kills him, leaving his daughter Sunita an orphan. Instead of returning to the snake kingdom, Devi stays on earth to protect Sunita from some greedy people are trying to get the money she inherited, and from Dantra, who is trying to kill Sunita because he isn't able to kill Devi.

There are lots of cobras running around the movie, including fakes and CGI snakes, and some simple morphing between snakes and humans. Cobras are both feared and worshiped in this movie, and there's lots of magic and fighting between Devi and Dantra. Both have the ability to change from snake to human form, including any human form they want. Devi can shoot fire from her eyes and she can hypnotize people and force them to speak the truth. Dantra turns into green smoke, changes people into monkeys, and changes into a demonic little boy. And, of course, there's plenty of romance between both Sunita and Devi and the men who fall for them.