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Boa vs. Python (2004)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Boa vs. Python Boa vs. Python Boa vs. Python Boa vs. Python
Boa vs. Python Boa vs. Python Boa vs. Python
Boa vs. Python Boa vs. Python Boa vs. Python Boa vs. Python
Boa vs. Python Boa vs. Python Boa vs. Python Boa vs. Python
Boa vs. Python Boa vs. Python Boa vs. Python Boa vs. Python
Boa vs. Python Boa vs. Python Boa vs. Python Boa vs. Python
Boa vs. Python Boa vs. Python Boa vs. Python Boa vs. Python

This made-for-TV movie is the fourth movie in the "Python" franchise that began with Python (2000) which was succeeded by New Alcatraz (Boa) (2001), Python 2 (2002), and this movie. Python had some comic moments, but after that the focus was more on monster snakes and blood and gore. This one adds a bit of sex and nudity, including a funny sex scene with a woman in a car with her eyes closed, thinking that the Python between her legs that feels so good is her boyfriend, who was just eaten by the snake, and a scene in a disco with blacklight-painted topless dancers and club-goers who are shocked to see a giant snake eat the DJ. There's also a wrestling match in the beginning with masked wrestlers named Boa and Python.

Broddick, a rich macho d-bag who lights his cigars with a flame-thrower, organizes a hunt for rich hunters and imports a gigantic mutant Python to hunt. (As far as I can tell, it's supposed to be a snake from one of the previous movies.) It escapes of course. They always do. His girlfriend named Eve (what else) has a giant snake tattoo on her back. When she takes a shower on Borodick's private jet, she sees a Boa Constrictor on the floor that she calls an Anaconda that he tells her is a common garter snake. (They're not exactly herpetologists.) The boa squeaks like a rubber ducky when she throws it on the bed. Then Broddick and Eve and the hunters go in search of the escaped Python.

Meanwhile, an F.B.I. agent finds a giant snake scale and a trail of corpses and concludes that there's a big killer snake on the loose. He goes to Florida and enlists a hot blonde dolphin scientist to help them. She's a classy woman who makes money off men by challenging them to a breath holding contest in a swimming pool, then removes her bikini top to distract them so she can win. He asks her to put her dolphin-tracking hardware on the head of a gigantic Boa Constrictor named Betty who lives in a laboratory run by a snake nerd. He calls her a Scarlet Queen Boa. Betty is huge, but not interested in eating humans, at least not in the lab. They take Betty the Boa to the Python, and of course, all hell breaks loose. Yes, there is a climactic battle between the giant snakes (after the Python tries to mate with the already gravid Boa.) No, I'm not going to tell you which one wins, but I will tell you that the loser gets decapitated by a subway train.

I'm sorry to disillusion you, but the gigantic Boa and Python are CGI. They're usually so dark and blurry you can't see them, but it's nice they color-coded them so we can tell the red Boa from the gray-greenish Python. It's possible there are also some giant snake head props thrown into the mix. Who can tell these days? I must give props here to the fact that neither snake is shown with gigantic fangs. But they do make the usual unrealistic growling and screaming sounds.