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Ular (Python's Pit) (2013)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Ular Ular Ular
Ular Ular Ular
Ular Ular Ular
Ular Ular Ular
Ular Ular Ular
Ular Ular Ular
This is a Malaysian giant monster snake horror movie. The setup is nothing new - a group of people who win a contest to take a dream vacation to an island resort, only to find out the island is infested with man-eating snakes - but it's much more bloody than most movies in the genre, with men, women, and even a baby put in danger. The contest winners include a married couple with a baby, a journalist and her cameraman, a gay couple, two young girls and their pet cat, and a dirty old man who spikes everybody's coffee with viagra to improve his odds with the girls. And it works. As you would expect in a movie about an island full of snakes, few people make it off the island.

After the snakes begin showing up, the journalist snoops around the resort owner's office where she discovers articles about the island and its snakes - they're Batik Pythons (Ular is the Malaysian name for python) and they're described as vicious and dangerous with no predators to keep them from living a long time and growing to an enormous size. This is typical giant monster snake movie exposition that explains why the snakes are extra-large, extra-dangerous, and extra-hungry.

After construction workers on the island started to disappear, the projects and the island were abandoned. The current owner knew about the snakes, but he built the resort anyway, thinking it would be safe because it was protected by an electric fence. But the fence fails and the snakes get in. There is no communication with the outside world, and no boats coming for days, giving the snakes plenty of time to feed. The owners spread sulphur powder which they say wards off the snakes, but it doesn't stop the snakes from eating the guests and the resort employees one by one.

It's a bizarre combination of horror and comedy at times. The dirty old man dies when he comically sits on a toilet with a snake inside, makes some funny faces, then part of the toilet bursts into pieces. Then we see his body on the floor, impaled by a piece of toilet and covered with blood, and it's no longer funny.

Most of the giant snakes we see are CGI or puppets, but we see some real pythons, also. The snakes are actually portrayed fairly realistically. They look like real pythons - they're large constrictors that aren't venomous and don't have spikes on their tails, they just grab people, suffocate them, and swallow them, like the real ones do. But some of the CGI snakes are shown having two large fangs, which is a tired cliche that will never go away, along with the exaggerated hissing and rattling sounds we always hear when we see a snake in monster snake movie.

The entire movie was available on YouTube. Maybe it still is.