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Sssssss (1973)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Sssssss Sssssss Sssssss
Sssssss Sssssss
Sssssss Sssssss
"Once this motion picture sinks its fangs into you, you'll never be the same."

Dr. Stoner is a herpetologist mad scientist. Or is that redundant? Anyway, when people threaten to mess with his evil plans, he likes to let his snakes do away with them. He prefers to use a Black Mamba, the go-to species of many movie snake murderers, for shower killings, and a big hungry African python for a simple basement lock-in murder. His pet Boa Constrictor Harry is an expert in Snake Fu, too. They used real snakes here, but there's no way that's a Black Mamba. It's some kind of stand-in.
Sssssss Sssssss Sssssss
Sssssss Sssssss Sssssss
Dr. Stoner has a pet Boa Constrictor named Harry who shares his taste for alcohol. He pours it into a dish or plate and Harry laps it up, getting hiccups and even a hangover that requires an Alka Seltzer. He likes to read Leaves of Grass to Harry and let him roam around his lab. Harry is also an expert in Snake Fu. He can disable bad guys just by wrapping himself around their wrists, leaving them screaming in pain, even to the point where they will jump out a second story window.
Sssssss Sssssss Sssssss
Sssssss Sssssss Sssssss
Dr. Stoner has some crackpot theories about the coming apocalypse and how only cold-blooded reptiles will survive. He thinks that developing a serum that can turn someone into a King Cobra is the solution. He finally succeeds - you can tell the cobra was once a man because it has blue eyes. (They actually painted blue on the cobra's eye covering, too.)  But then again, does he really succeed? Spoiler alert! Haven't you ever watched a mad scientist movie before? They never succeed.
Sssssss Sssssss Sssssss
Sssssss Sssssss  
To help fund his diabolical schemes, Dr. Stoner gives King Cobra venom milking performances for whoever shows up, then passes the hat. There's some nice King Cobra milking, force-feeding, and man-killing. Credits at the beginning tell us that the King Cobras used were imported from Bangkok.
At the end of the movie the mongoose fights a cobra. A real King Cobra fights a mongoose on film here. We never find out how it turns out, but it doesn't look good for the cobra.