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The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
The Wolf of Wall Street The Wolf of Wall Street  
This is another good Martin Scorsese film. It's about greed and corruption, and criminals and their entourage living the life of luxury. And there's a brief snake cameo that's hardly worth adding to this list, but I kind of liked the fact that we're supposed to believe that a boiler room sleazebag works with a python around his neck.

A Forbes Magazine article described Jordan Belfort as the "Wolf of Wall Street" saying that he "pushes dicey stocks on gullible investors" at his boiler room brokerage. After the article is published, Belfort walks around the trading floor telling us that the article only made him a superstar and now every day dozens of money-crazed kids want to drop out of school and work for him. We see one of his brokers being measured by a tailor for a custom-made suit, and another broker on the phone with a ball python around his neck. Maybe it was take your pet to work day. The expensive bespoke suit part I get, but I'm not sure about the snake. If Scorsese was making a connection between the cold-blooded snake and the cold-hearted broker then I think it's an insult to the snake. Belfort and his brokers are sleazy scumbags with no morals, but the snake is just a snake.