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We Bought a Zoo (2011)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
We Bought A Zoo We Bought A Zoo We Bought A Zoo
We Bought A Zoo We Bought A Zoo We Bought A Zoo
  We Bought A Zoo  
This is about a single man who moves his family to southern California to fix up and open an old zoo.

A very large wooden box full of snakes is delivered to the zoo. (Because that's what you do when you're in the professional animal shipping business, you just dump a whole bunch of snakes of different species all together in one box and poke some air holes in the top. Please.) A curious 14-year-old boy opens the box, because there's no lock on it (of course not!) and we hear an explosion of hissing sounds. (We always have to hear hissing sounds when we see snakes in movies, even though most snakes can't hiss.) The boy is terrified when he sees the snakes, and he runs away leaving the box open. Guess what happens - with still more hissing sounds - yep, the snakes all get out.

The next morning we see the snakes just lying around in the open in front of the house, barely moving. Even they had all night long to do so, they didn't all crawl away in different directions into holes and cracks and under bushes, never to be seen again. That's what would have happened in the real world. I had a snake escape once and I didn't find it for months. But in the movie world, snakes follow the script.

The boy and the zookeepers start rounding up the snakes, including a zookeeper played by Scarlet Johannson. The boy gets angry at his dad, picks up a snake, and drop kicks it. (They must have used a fake snake for that part.) Nobody yells at him for hurting a harmless animal, but later ScarJo complains to the boss that the boy kicked a garter snake.

We see a nice assortment of corn snakes, milk snakes, ball pythons, carpet pythons?, gopher snakes, garter snakes, maybe a boa constrictor, and albino snakes of some species I can't ID.