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War on Everyone (2016)
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I was just minding my own business watching a fun bad-cops action movie starring one of my favorite actors - Michael Peña, when a snake showed up on a stripper. For a second. Nevertheless, I feel obligated to add all movie stripper snakes to my list no matter how little screen time they get. Because I'm a supporter of the arts. (Wouldn't it be wonderful If cops in real life spent as much time in strip clubs as they do in movies? Nobody would ever get a speeding ticket.)

Peña and Alexander Skarsgard play Bolaño and Monroe, two lovably corrupt Albuquerque cops. They're hunting for a sleazy club owner. They don't bother knocking, they just crash their car through the front door of his strip joint where they find him behind the bar. He grabs a gun and shoots at them then runs away. They chase him through a hallway as topless strippers hurry to get out of their way. We've seen that Monroe is a tough and very violent guy, but when he sees a stripper holding a snake, he screams like a little girl. Bolano just eyes the snake cautiously as he passes it, or is he looking at the dancer? (I find it impossible to believe that these guys have never seen a naked woman with a snake before.) Then the rest of the movie happens.

The snake is an albino python, a Burmese python, probably, one of the more popular snakes with movie snake dancers.