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Tourist Trap (1979)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Tourist Trap Tourist Trap Tourist Trap
Tourist Trap Tourist Trap Tourist Trap
Tourist Trap Tourist Trap Tourist Trap
Tourist Trap Tourist Trap Tourist Trap
This is a good low-budget horror movie with only a minor appearance by a snake.

A group of young men and women have car troubles and get stranded at an isolated out-of-business roadside museum. The owner (Chuck Connors) has a collection of creepy mannequins that come alive through his telekinetic powers. They also moan and whisper, which is a nice touch.

When they first meet him, three girls are trespassing on his land, skinny-dipping under a waterfall. He tells them not to stay in the water after dark because it fills up with water moccasins. I was hoping we were being set up for later when someone would go into the water and get covered with vicious biting snakes, but no such luck, it was only one snake.

Connors captures the people one by one in order to turn them into mannequins. One woman escapes and runs down next to a creek. When she stops to rest next to a footbridge she puts her hand on a branch and finds a snake in her hand. She screams and flings it away into the water. We see a quick shot of it swimming up the creek. That's the entire snake scene, hardly worth mentioning and even less worth putting in a movie that is already full of scares. We don't get much of a look at the snake either because it's so dark, but I'm sure it was a fake that she grabbed, although it might have been a live one swimming in the water. The scene was so dark it was almost impossible to see the snake - not that anybody was looking at it, not when they could look at young Tanya Roberts in Daisy Duke's and a tight tube top.