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The Tomb of Love (The Indian Tomb) (1959)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Tomb of Love Tomb of Love Tomb of Love
Tomb of Love Tomb of Love Tomb of Love
Tomb of Love Tomb of Love
Tomb of Love Tomb of Love Tomb of Love
Fritz Lang is one of the greatest film directors ever, but maybe not so much in this, his penultimate film.

This stars Debra Paget as Seetha, a temple dancer accused of offending a goddess. A priest tells her she has to dance for the goddess to gain her forgiveness. When a fake puppet cobra rises from the palm of a statue of the goddess and crawls forward, pulled by black strings the filmmakers didn't even try to hide, Seetha's eyes bug out and her hands start pretending to be snake heads. Two green rings on each of her hands look like snake eyes. The snake hands crawl right out of her dress until she tears it off to show that she's wearing nothing but some strategically-placed pieces of tin foil. She leaps and rolls around in front of the snake, entrancing all of us guys for sure, but unfortunately not the snake, which shows its thumbs down review of her dance by bearing its fangs at her. Seeing the snake's disapproval she panics and a guy in a gold robe and a turban runs over and crushes it with a metal fire lamp or something. The snake wasn't impressed, so neither was the goddess, so the priest says Seetha must die.

You can watch this milestone in the history of modern dance for yourself. It's all over YouTube.