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The Wolverine (2013)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
The Wolverine The Wolverine The Wolverine
The Wolverine The Wolverine The Wolverine
The Wolverine The Wolverine The Wolverine
The Wolverine The Wolverine The Wolverine
The Wolverine >The Wolverine The Wolverine
There’s a snake woman in this movie, but no actual snakes. I’m not really into comic book superhero movies (except for Deadpool!) so I don’t know much about The Wolverine or the Marvel Comics universe. I knew that The Wolverine (aka Logan) is a mutant humanoid with giant metal claws that shoot out of his knuckles who heals himself and can’t be killed, but not much more. It seems like Logan could be a big help in the yard and garden, or maybe prepping in the kitchen, but otherwise he’s just another vicious killer with anger issues. For me, the best character in this movie is the mutant snake woman called Dr. Green, The Viper Woman, or just plain Viper, who’s played with femme fatale sexiness and venom by Russian actress Svetlana Khodchenkova.

Unfortunately, this movie assumes that you understand the entire Marvel Universe and have seen all of the other 500 Wolverine and X-Men movies, so there is almost no exposition for any of the characters, not even Wolverine. According to Wickipedia The Viper Woman is a recurring character in Marvel comics, but I don’t know if she has shown up in other movies. We don’t learn anything about her back story, but we do learn about who she is a little bit at a time. One man tells us nothing more than that she’s evil. A wealthy Japanese man tells us he hired her as an oncologist to help cure his cancer, but we find out later they have some nefarious conspiracies in progress. Dr. Green tells Wolverine that her specialty is toxins and that that she is immune to all poisons, including the poison that is man (which tells us she won’t fall for Logan like all the other girls do.) Like her name, she is usually wearing something green and skin tight. We see her breathe green smoke and shoot streams of liquid from her mouth that can turn a person’s face into pizza. When a man asks her what she is, she says “A chemist, a nihilist, a capitalist, a mutation, a viper” then she licks her poison onto a fountain pen and stabs him. She uses her long pink snake-like forked tongue to transfer green venom from her mouth to her long index finger claw (which appears and disappears like the Wolverine’s claws) or to other sharp objects she can use to stab someone, like the fountain pen. The people she stabs either die or go to sleep, so she must have various kinds of toxins available. She also seems to be able to hypnotize men who get close to her face and she can knock someone out with her kiss.

Best of all, in the final fight, we see Viper shot by an arrow and fall several stories, which makes her skin change to snake skin and her eyes turn green. She pulls the arrow out, then picks herself up and scratches a line down the middle of her face with her claw and then rips the skin off her entire head, finally tearing off her long blonde hair. Bald as a doorknob she fights another woman and spits her venom at her and at Logan. She appears to be killed in the end, but typical of the genre, we don’t see her dad for sure. Just in case somebody decides to give her her own movie one day. I’d watch it.