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The Resurrection of Jake The Snake (2015)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Jake The Snake Jake The Snake Jake The Snake
Jake The Snake Jake The Snake Jake The Snake
Jake The Snake Jake The Snake Jake The Snake
Jake The Snake Jake The Snake Jake The Snake
I don't know much about WWE wrestling, so when I saw that one of their great wrestlers, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, used snakes in the ring, I wanted to see how he did it. I though it would be a laugh to see how he used the snake against his opponents, but it turns out that this documentary doesn't show him in the ring much in the old days. It's an inspirational look at a broken man who makes a come back from addiction and physical decrepitude after being outcast from the wrestling world and estranged from his children. Roberts moves into a house full of friends and ex-wrestlers called the Accountability Crib. They teach him to practice DDP Yoga and help him get sober, lose weight, get fit, and re-connect with some of his children. It was a very difficult struggle, and it might not be over yet, but Roberts was successful enough to be welcomed back by the WWE and inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2014.

I had to look on IMDB and Wickipedia to find out how Roberts used the snakes in the ring - He slithered into the ring on his belly under the bottom rope like a snake, bringing his snake into the ring in a large bag thrown over his shoulder. After defeating his opponent by executing his trademark "DDT" move, Roberts then put the snake around the opponent's neck letting it crawl on the man. I think the audience was supposed to believe that the snakes were dangerous constrictors that scared the opponent into staying down. I don't think they were supposed to think that the snake was killing him.

Roberts worked mainly with two snakes, first one named Damien, and later one named Lucifer. In the movie we see him with a Burmese Python, a Reticulated Python, and an albino Burmese Python. We also see him with a King Cobra, and there are some shots of the cobra biting his opponent Randy Savage on the upper arm. Apparently the cobra had been "devenomized" so it did harm the wrestler, but still, that's an insane thing to do.