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The Primitive Man (Brute Force) (1914)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
This is an old silent movie short made by the great director D.W. Griffith. (An alternate title for it is "Brute Force.") It's about a man at a party who is reading a book about cavemen who falls asleep and dreams that he and his woman are cave people and that he is responsible for inventing some weapons that begin a prehistoric arms race. Some film fans say that it's the first movie with a live-action dinosaur. (We see one for about ten seconds and it barely moves.)

In the dream-story, after a bully steals a caveman's woman, he invents a club made of a stone and a stick. The weapon enables him to kill the bully, get the woman back, and become the leader of his clan least until everyone else has a stone club. After that, another tribe attacks the caveman's clan, kills all the children, steals all the women, and traps the remaining men inside a cave. When the caveman realizes his whole clan is about to be wiped out, he is inspired to invent the bow and arrow. He uses the new weapon to kill his enemies, then he rescues his woman and takes power again least until someone invents whatever terrible weapon comes next in the arms race. Maybe social media.

Primitive Man Screenshot Primitive Man Screenshot Primitive Man Screenshot
Primitive Man Screenshot Primitive Man Screenshot vPrimitive Man Screenshot

About halfway through this movie we see the caveman and his woman sitting happily. Then we see a huge python on a rock behind them that slowly crawls towards them. When they see the snake, instead of panicking or trying to kill it, they just get up and run away. Finally, we see somebody with some common sense in a movie snake scene!

Primitive Man Screenshot Primitive Man Screenshot Primitive Man Screenshot

A bit later we see the same snake crawling up to some cavemen who are just sitting around on a large rock outcrop. (It must have been boring to be a caveman without the internet.) But once again, the cavemen wisely just get up and run away from the snake. I'm a little disappointed I don't have anything negative to report about these snake scenes. They both show too much common sense to make fun of.

We do see a real live snake in the movie, a large Burmese python, I believe, but it has something attached to its head, probably to make it look more unusual and therefore "prehistoric." In another scene we see an alligator with wings and fins stuck on it. I'll bet the art department on the movie demanded hazard pay to glue stuff onto those reptiles.

Thanks to The Silver Scream for telling me about the movie. You can watch the whole thing over there, and get a much better description of the characters and the plot.