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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
The Life Aquatic The Life Aquatic The Life Aquatic
The Life Aquatic The Life Aquatic The Life Aquatic
The Life Aquatic The Life Aquatic The Life Aquatic
This is typically quirky Wes Anderson movie with lots of eccentric acting, a great music soundtrack, and his usual meticulously stylized mise-en-scene. I've seen all of his movies and will continue to do so and when I re-watched it, I was pleased to remember that this one had a few snakes in it.

It's about a Jacques Cousteau-like character named Steve Zissou (Bill Murray), who is more of an adventurer than an oceanographer. He and his documentary film crew sail the seas to search for the mysterious Jaguar Shark that ate Steve's partner during their previous voyage. While sailing in unprotected waters they are boarded and robbed by pirates who also kidnap the "Bond Company stooge" that Zissou is forced to bring along. They decide to rescue him.

Several members of Team Zissou in blue wet suits swim to the shore of one of the Ping Islands to the ruins of a 5-star hotel that was destroyed by a monsoon where they think the man is being held hostage. Like most ruins, these are slowly returning to nature with vegetation and wildlife coming to claim them. Around the hotel grounds we see a monkey, a small mammal, and several pythons. The snakes are all lying around unnaturally, more like props than wildlife. One python is lying on a window sill, one is crawling on a vine in the lobby, and we see a large albino python draped on an overturned golf cart in the rain during a gunfight. People get right next to the snakes but either they aren't bothered by them or don't see them. It's refreshing to see snakes in a movie that are not treated like monsters.

The snakes we see are live ones unlike many of the other animals in the movie which are animated, including a few other animated herps - tiny frogs, research sea turtles and some kind of invented sea lizard.