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The Devil's Nightmare (1971)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
This is a supernatural horror story set at night in a creepy castle somewhere in Europe. It has an unoriginal and offensive moral message regarding sins and damnation (women interested in sex are sinners, etc.) That's common in horror movies because it's a lazy way to illustrate good and bad with a world view that covers up much of the real evil in the world. It also has a short sequence with a snake used as a weapon to kill a woman.

An ancestor of Barron von Rhoneberg, who owns the castle sold his soul to the devil. In exchange the Rhonebergs must give the first born daughter of each generation to the devil to use as a succubus, a demon who adapts a feminine appearance to seduce men and lead them to damnation. A bus full of tourists gets stranded and they are given rooms to spend the night in the castle. And, of course, a succubus shows up and tries to seduce all of them. Each of the seven tourists represents one of the seven deadly sins. We see a man die after eating too much, a woman suffocated in a pile of gold-dust that acts like quicksand, and a wrathful man is pushed out a window and impaled. A lustful female tourist has sex with one of the men and a woman who is her roommate, a beautiful blonde named Regine. Regine sleeps a lot so she must represent sloth. When it's her time to die, we get the snake scene.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
First we see the succubus Lisa (Erika Blanc) outside with her back to us looking at a long white stick. Lisa has a normal attractive face and a ghoulish face which we see here straining to do some magic. We see Lisa from behind again with the stick turned into a snake.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Next we that the snake entered a sleeping woman's bedroom through the window. We see a montage of shots of the snake and Regine (Shirley Corrigan), asleep in bed in a skimpy outfit. We see the snake crawl over her arm and around the bed. Finally she wakes up with a horrified face and screams. We also see in another room Lisa in a sexy outfit trying to seduce Father Alvin (Jacques Monseau), a theology student dressed like a priest. When Alvin hears the scream, he rushes to Regine's room where he sees her dead body with the snake crawling over it.

The snake we see is a non-venomous Burmese Python, a common movie snake. We see a good variety of close-ups of the snake, including a very close view of its side as it crawls, but overall it's a routine snake-used-as a-weapon scene. We see a snake and the victim but we are left to assume how the snake killed her. In movies it seems you can be killed by a snake just by being in the same with it.

You can watch the whole movie over at and read a list of all the other titles it has been known by. The snake scene starts at about 1:13:25.