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Storybook (1994)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Storybook Storybook Storybook
Storybook Storybook Storybook
Storybook Storybook Storybook
This is a children's movie that I regret watching, but I was probably too old to enjoy it, and definitely too sober. One of the characters is a talking snake - or at least the top part of a fake snake that we only see poking out of a weird box for some reason that has hands sticking out of it. (Maybe there was a person in the box operating the snake?)

Basically, a young boy finds a magic storybook in an attic and is transported to an enchanted storyland where he meets a lumberjack, a kangaroo, and an owl. They all set out to win back a kingdom that was stolen from a boy prince by an evil queen named Evilia who rules the kingdom along with an evil cobra named Hiss. Evilia is played by Emmy-winning actress Swoosie Kurtz, who must have needed the money. Hiss is a bad special-effect cobra that sticks out of the aforementioned box and says nasty things to the queen who insults it back. These nasty interludes are the only bright spot in this dismal . (I don't know what the deal is with Evilia's hair color - it keeps changing for no apparent reason.) We see one or two scenes as seen by the snake, who seems to be able to see things far away. where everything is red - a typical movie creature-vision technique. Unfortunately, the snake and the queen don't really do very much in the movie.

I'm going to spoil the ending now so you won't be tempted to watch it. The boy throws a magic sword into the snake's mouth and its head explodes in one of the worst special effects ever. But I get it - it's a kids movie - they had to minimize the gore, and they definitely minimized the budget, too.