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Soldier (1998)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Soldier Soldier Soldier
Soldier Soldier Soldier
This is a science fiction action movie that's stupid but a lot of fun and it's full of snakes. Kurt Russell is Todd 3465, a supersoldier in the near future when all the problems of interstellar space travel have been solved - artificial gravity, super light speed travel, all that easy stuff. His name and numbers are tattoed on his cheek just in case he forgets it. Todd and his comrades were taken as babies and trained exclusively for warfare, dehumanizing them into nothing more than killing machines. The movie has plenty of action, but it's also the story of a man who knows only war and discipline who slowly develops a sense of humanity.

In a demonstration, Todd fights a genetically-manipulated supersoldier, one of a group that will replace Todd's experienced but aging comrades. He loses the fight along with two other men and they are all presumed dead and loaded on a garbage space ship and dumped onto a garbage planet. (Or veterans don't get much thanks, but these guys don't even get a parade....)  Apparently, in the near future, they have discovered so many inhabitable planets in the galaxy with the right amounts of gravity, oxygen, sunlight, water, and food that they can afford to dedicate an entire planet to be a gigantic garbage dump. Also, in the near future space travel must be so cheap and efficient that it's economical to ship old parking meters, aircraft carriers and casino advertising lights on a planet many light years from Earth.
Soldier Soldier Soldier
Soldier Soldier Soldier
Soldier Soldier Soldier
Soldier Soldier Soldier
OK, so now we've been set up for a planet full of deadly snakes. That got me excited. And I was not disappointed because there were three more snake scenes to come. The next snake shows up when Todd and Nathan are together. Todd, who says about 150 words in the entire movie, doesn't talk, he only demonstrates to Nathan how to deal with the snake. He tosses him a boot then picks up another one and pounds it down as if he was smashing a snake. Nathan doesn't seem to understand the boot bashing business so when the snake jumps about 3 feet into the air right at his face Todd grabs it just before it can bite him. Maybe that was part of his supersoldier training. But he doesn't kill the snake. He still wants Nathan to kill it so he'll learn how to protect himself. He throws the snake on the ground in front of Nathan, but by that time his parents Sandra and Mace come in and Mace stabs the snake through the head. They're so angry at Todd that they convince everyone to vote to banish him.

But Todd's boot-bashing lesson was not wasted on Nathan after all. When Sandra and Mace are in bed at night, another snake crawls up onto the bed with them, but before it can sink its fangs into somebody, Nathan drags it away by its tail and whacks it dead with a boot. Sandra and Mace realize they were wrong about Todd.
Soldier Soldier Soldier
Soldier Soldier Soldier
Soldier Soldier Soldier
The best snake scene was saved for last. How can you have a planet full of so many snakes, without an enormous pit full of them? Not on garbage planet you can't! In an amazing coincidence, a space ship full of Todd's de-commissioned comrades along with the new supersoldiers who replaced them lands on garbage planet on a training mission. A misson that includes killing anybody they find, considering them hostile without even investigating them. So they start killing the garbage planet people and Todd starts killing them back. His age and experience beat the untested new guys. He throws one soldier into a gigantic pit full of snakes that are hissing violently like all good movie snakes do. The guy is wearing bullet-proof armor, but somehow it's not snake proof and the last we see of him he's covered with snakes and screaming. Does Todd 3465 destroy the entire ship full of supersoldiers and save the surviving garbage planet women and children? Of course he does.

They use a good assortment of snakes here, including live ones, fake snake props, and probably some computer-generated snakes. I recognized some ball pythons, green tree boas, milk snakes, Burmese pythons, a gray-banded kingsnake, and probably a mountain kingsnake and a corn snake or two.