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Prehistoric Women (1950)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Prehistoric Women Screenshot Prehistoric Women Screenshot Prehistoric Women Screenshot
This is a low-budget badly-lit movie about a tribe of jungle women who leave a tribe ruled by violent men to start a woman-run tribe, doing all the hunting and fishing for themselves. They live in trees and keep black panthers on leashes as pets. Like all Hollywood wild women, they run around in skimpy mini skirts in full movie hair and makeup, and they do a lot of moonlight skinny dipping. That's the whole reason men went to see these movies.

Since men are handy to have around to take out the garbage and open jar lids, the women capture cavemen and drag them back to their treehouses. We even get to see the girls fight over men, rolling around in their scanty outfits.

Because the movie was made in 1950 when the entire world order would have totally imploded if women had been allowed any kind of autonomy, the captive cavemen eventually take over and rule the tribe, leaving the women to cook and clean, as god intended. Since all the characters are prehistoric people without a language, an announcer tells us what's happening throughout the movie. His last words are these: "And so in those distant days, even as today, the eternal battle for supremacy between woman and man was solved not through the clout and the club, but through romance."

Prehistoric Women Screenshot Prehistoric Women Screenshot Prehistoric Women Screenshot
Prehistoric Women Screenshot Prehistoric Women Screenshot Prehistoric Women Screenshot
We see the primitive people discover things like cooking and moving rocks with a lever. In the snake scene, we watch a caveman named Engor (Allan Nixon) discover how to make fire by striking rocks together, unaware that a large python sits on a branch above him. As he makes a torch he is startled when he hears the snake hissing. He turns around and holds the fire up to the snake. The snake drops to the ground and crawls away quickly into a pond to avoid getting roasted. When Engor throws the torch at the snake and it lands in the water, he learns that fire can be quickly extinguished.

The snake is a live Burmese Python. We see real fire come into contact with the snake more than once, which seems cruel, but it probably wasn't in contact with the snake long enough to harm it. Snakes have thick skin.

You can watch this brilliant cinematic treasure at The Silver
The snake shows up at about 30:18